Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Circus of Js

Hello January!
I tell you that big goose egg on the head on Christmas day shook something loose and before it went away I was in fast and furious stream of thought inspiration mode. I love when that happens. 

Well it just so happens the inspiration had a deadline which was Sunday, and I have had my head down and fingers designing, drawing, stitching, painting, cutting and waxing since the eve of the Epiphany. That's actually when it all started.

First, you need one fact of the matter. Here it is. Sometime in February, I am going to be a Great Grandmother. 

Of course, I have known this for quite a long time but I have been on-again-off-again about making a baby blanket. All through the month of December I knew if I was going to make one, I should get started. Then I would think, "no I don't have time." Then shame and guilt about that. And so it goes.

I really wanted to be stitching in the chair but the dread of the cloth explosion that happens in both studios was more than I wanted to deal with.

Anyway, I now realize that I just didn't have the inspiration passion. Therefore, I didn't have the passion to make the blanket. I made Ashley an elephant blanket before she was born, and I'm ready for her to be the keeper of that one now. However, she doesn't think it is boy enough for her soon-to-be, Jordyn.

Somehow, on Tuesday the 5th, I came to realize, I needed to make a new elephant blanket. I had to stew with it a little bit and then I drug out the cloth and sure enough the explosion happened. I had twenty days. The fact that it took me 5 years to make Tim's cloth was irrelevant because I could feel the passion building. 

I couldn't start immediately as I had an appointment early morning on the 6th and so I could only do what I do. In my head. Another explosion. 

Another fact; Josh and Ashley are adding a baby Jordyn to the blended family of Joshua, Jalynn, Jazzlyn, Jaclynn, and Jasyk. 

Here I go. In my head, I started an elephant list. 
For example, 

  • Jelly and Jambo the peanut butter spreaders
  • Juggle and Jar the milk shakers
  • Jibbber and Jabber the chatter bugs
  • Jingle and Jangle the bell ringers
  • Jupiter the star gazer
  • Jogger the memory keeper, etc etc. 

Then while still in my head and unable to get started, I thought about how I made a book for Tim to go with his Tim's Cloth. Bingo! (never mind only 19 days and counting)

I must make a book for soon-to-be baby Jordyn. The first thing that popped into my head was an altered board book. I have a stack of them form years ago. The first one I pulled out was Circus, Circus! Do you believe on the last page was a parade of elephants? Oh gee! The elephant blanket, as well as, the book now has a name. Circus of Js.

I spent Wednesday afternoon designing my elephant and planning the cloth and getting started. The last bit of inspiration came Thursday before rising and shinning and it excited me the most. I realized the elephant trunks that I had designed looked like a "J". It all came together because in my head I could not see where to put the names of each on the cloth. 

I just love when inspiration trickles in like this.

Here is the Circus of Js cloth. Although it was not quiet finished, it was giftable. As soon as I finish the rest of the quilting stitching, I will show and share more. 

 In the meantime, here is the book, Circus of Js.
Before starting in the book, I made a book mock-up and planned the pages mostly to see if I could get what was in my on the book. 

Showing here the original page with my version in progress. I fully intended to paint that ball on his foot. Also, you might notice in the final version below that his red toe nails were painted out.  

I liked some of my mock-up sketches more than the ones that showed up in the book.  

Juju the adventure dreamer and Jetty the wall maker. 
Love this page.
Here they all are. Of course, Josh is the Ring leader and Ashley the spirit maker with Jordyn the magic maker. Josh the brother, Jalynn the helper, Jaz and Jaclynn the sisters and Jasyk the fun maker. 

The end.