Friday, January 29, 2010

Class Clips

By request, here you have a few seconds from three different Lessons in the Faces: All Norah'S online class.

The class consist of painting techniques for four different faces. There is a bonus lesson with video waiting already. The first Workshop Lesson is set for February 5th so there is still plenty of time to get in and start with us. However, remember this is a jump-in-when-you-can class and will be ongoing. That means whenever you can start will work.

The cost of the class is $65.00 and there is a Paypal button waiting. You can take a look at the front page of the workshop site by clicking on this link. However, once you are there, you won't be able to navigate any of the links until you do the Paypal thing and then "sign up" to become a member of the Faces: All Norah'S workshop.

I'm planing a full weekend of:
1. This
2. and That
2-a. # 8 that is swirling inside me.
3. Studio Project
4. Print prints
5. Curtains for S
6. Watch Birds & Rain
6-a. Sit in chair in front of TV
7. Color library
8. New painting.
9. Work on COTA for Rayn T website

So, I'm going to be busy. How bout you?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My studio this morning. Just wanted to show you that it is not always in order but still looks pretty good.

My promotional video is above and I really realized how well I can zone out the world when I listened to the clips and realized that I left the TV on in the other room. I think you can hear me anyway.

If you missed the edit from yesterday's post...........Workshop Registration is Open.

I'm ready to receive you money with a Paypal button.



Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Had to show.

No time to talk.

It's 20 X 24.

Don't you love them?

I do.
EDIT: Now I have time to tell you "the rest of the story". Emelie, you know her, she leaves great comments. Well anyway, last October before she had a blog, she sent me this "work in progress" where she used a mans silk tie in a fabric project. I swooned over the loons as I have never seen one or heard one. I couldn't stop thinking about the loon tie and wondered how on earth I might find one for myself. Eventually, I faced the reality that I probably wouldn't. Saturday when I was painting the pillow girl above and heard the whisper that there should be birds in the painting, it so happened that Emelie, who now has a blog posted the finished project with the loons and I happened over there. I knew instantly and told her so that a loon or three would show up in my painting. And that is "the rest of the story".
I still would love love to find one of these loon ties.
And now for the rest of another story!!!
I managed to get it up a little early.
Just could not wait.
It it too exciting.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Workshop Details

talking about the workshop

FACES: All Norah'S

"a workshop just about faces with a few other fun things"


Registration Starts: January 22

Class Lessons Start: February 5th


There is no class end date.

There is no class size limit.

There is no registration deadline.

Come as you are, stay as long as you like.

A Bonus Lesson is already waiting for you.

As soon as we do those "five things".

The Bonus Lesson is, Collage Layers with Napkins, a video.

The supply list for each lesson is there.

Discussion Forums are waiting for you to introduce yourself, ask questions about supplies and other topics.

Then, on February 5th, the Play ART Together Fun starts.

There will be six lessons presented over a four weeks period.

come as you are

everybody is going to be there...

week one

February 5: Lesson 1 - Norah'S Faces Segment 1 - Intro, line drawing & canvas preparation. Norah'S Faces Segment 2 - Transfer, adding lines, palette.

February 6: Lesson 2 - Norah'S Faces Segment 3 - Time to paint.

February 7: Lesson 3 - Norah'S Faces Segment 4 - More painting. Mixing flesh.


week two

February 12: Lesson 4 - A Face Part One and Two - A face on prepared background.


week three

February 19: Lesson 5 - Kissing Profile Segment One and Segment Two

ASSIGNMENT - should you choose to accept it.......

week four

February 26: Lesson 6 - It's Time - Finding a face to paint


One more thing:

How can you pay?


I will be adding a "Buy Now" Paypal button here on the blog


at All Norah'S Art.Ning

If you don't have a Paypal account but you do have standard credit cards like mastercard/visa, you can still pay via the Paypal "Buy Now" button.


If you need another option,

we can do this by USP snail mail

Please email me at......sktomlinson[at]gmail[dot]com

for my address.
The pillow girl and her friend is not part of the workshop.
They are my unfinished big painting from yesterday.
I will show you the whole thing when finished.
You knew that.
Today, I must clean house.
My day off.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Workshop Gangs all There

Sister's Reunion

Sisters Wedding
I'm so excited to share with you my Workshop Site.
I can't wait until Friday.
But we can't actually Play Together until then.
Because I'm not quite ready for registration
Here is the deal.

We won't be able to play until you and I have completed five steps.
we can't do these steps until Friday when
Registrations Opens January 22, 2010
First: Create your NING PROFILE. Maybe you have already done that.

Second: You will have to PAY for the workshop.

Third: After payment, come back here and SIGN IN.

When I receive your payment and request to join, you will be accepted by email and the tabs will be activated.

Fourth: I will send you an INVITE for the workshop that you have paid for.

Fifth: Follow the links in the email to ACCEPT my invitation to the group.

Then We can Play ART Together!

Follow the Leader


Sisters in their Nightgowns


Go take a look but you will only be able to see the "Main" page. Nothing else will be interactive until you pay and you can't pay until

Registrations opens

Friday January 22, 2010

Oh, then come tell me how much you LOVE it.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Just sharing a doodle.
Not much to say today.
Had to tear her out of the paper she found herself on. Important numbers and such.
I'm blank.
Hoping you are all well and warm.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Peculiar Gaze

She is still there.
In my mind or gut.
Enjoying her presence and inspiration.
Still very cold here.
At desk today.
Fingers not talking.
Thank you.

Saturday, January 09, 2010


It's cold but bright.
Well below freezing.
A thin layer of ice.
What are you eating?
Lingered in bed this morning longer than usual.
In near darkness.
Noticed a face in the pillow sham that was tossed onto the chair.
Eyes were tricking me.
Wondered if she would be there in daylight.
Kept watching.
Turned away and back.
She was still there.
Wished for camera.
Studied to remember.
She was peculiar.
Liked her.
She left in the daylight.
The sham is on the bed now.
The Pelican Brief is on the big TV.
Wanted to sit.
The timer is on for seven minutes.
A reminder to take the black knit out of the dryer.
The dryer is whirring.
Wish to paint big today.
Unwrapped 20 X 24 canvas.
Friend thrifted it for me.
$6.15 when new.
Believe it.
Happy Birthday Friend.
How is your patient today?
Might not paint big today.
Sketched the face in the sham.
Remembered her.
She's peculiar.
Word might be random.
Looked it up in Random House Webster's Dictionary.
That amused me.
In Random House.
Going to eat.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Take a breath

Yes yes yes, I can take a big breath.
I haven't finished 2009.
Nor have I greeted 2010.
Sometimes stuff like that just passes you by.
It did me.
I'm taking a deep breath this afternoon because I finished a huge commitment
and I managed the deadline.
That little sneak peak above is what I have been up to lately and therefore unaccounted for here. Pam Carriker invited me to contribute to her book, and today I managed to get my box to the post office before the window closed at 4:30.
I could moan and moan about how I took on too much but I won't.
For now you will find me around the corner learning a whole bunch of new techie stuff. That is because every time I get around another corner, there is yet another learning curve.
The workshop is coming along nicely except my brain has had just too much to deal with....oh, forgot, I wasn't going to moan.
I am so excited about your response and am working hard to get it ready. I don't want to announce a date until I know I can meet it. I don't want to break my own deadline.
But for those who are wondering and asking about the cost, I'm thinking I will hold it to sixty-five-ish dollars. Believe me it is a hundred dollar workshop but I know times are tough. There will be at least 4 different lessons within the class plus one bonus lesson and we will use many different paints. So don't worry about the supplies just yet.
One of my goals for this first class is to inspire you to try paints that you might already have like Folk Art. But I will also show other paints.
To those who shared the workshop news on their blogs, I thank you so much for warming my heart. Your the best.
To all who leave me comments even when I don't get back to you very quickly, I love you too.
I'm afraid this is getting long; I'm feeling rather talkative.
Oh dear but the kitchen is calling me now.