Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What's Next

Now that I only have to put the finishing touches on my Book of finish the back of the cover and do something quick with a few remaining pages....I'm already thinking about what to do next. I found this cute little Rooster book and since I have chickens and have taken pictures of my chickens, (well, some people take pictures of their dogs) I think I will do a Chicken Journal.
But first, I am going to do a Heart Journal. You know, I "heart" this and I "heart" that. I have been working on a list of things I "heart" for over a year. I have this little list right here on my desk. When I think of something while I'm daydreaming, I just jot it down. That is what I'm going to use.
I'm going to do pockets, layers, images, embossing, stamping, cutting and pasting with a quick, liberating, freestyle. It is going to be so fun!
Come do it with me.
It sure would be fun if you would join in with me. This would be a little Me Me book. We could share it with each other like our Book of Dreams. Leave your comment, if this sounds fun to you. I'm sure you already have your list just like I do.

Now, I'm gonna refocus work work work at my desk job. (I'm so lucky to be my own boss so I can play sometimes instead of work.......)

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  1. I'd love to join in with you and do a Me-Me book. I am having withdrawal symptoms ow that our Book of Dreams project is over.


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