Thursday, July 20, 2006

I HeART Time

I believe this is way out of the box for me. Although, I am in it. This would have been a good one to photo in progress. Well, since I didn't, I will tell you about it.
I have to start with the fact that I had a miniature hissy-fit before going home. Escape to ART. The first thing I did was paint a glaze of matte medium with a little flesh color in it. I'm still staring at a blank page. So I pick up a stamp and stamp it four times on the page with acrylic paint. My brain is amused at how symmetrical I did that. I pull out my "Stash Book" and browse. I need diamonds. Yes, these will do but I added my new little diamond stamp on top. I lay them on the page. OMG, it is still symmetrical. I dig a little deeper in the upstairs attic and decide that I am trying to get stuff (insert hissy-fit) back in order, lined up, straight, done with, and over.
Between the h-f and going home, I stopped by my friends, the one that has more toys than me. We talked about using pattern tissue and I said I was planning to try it soon. And she also shared a couple of stamps with me. (OMG, she has soo many) . So, I thought now might just be a good time to try the pattern tissue. I don't know where this page is going. Why not?
The first thing I did was cut the strip that has lines and text and glued it down along the left side. I guess I sort of fixed the symmetrical thing! At this point I hadn't glued the diamonds down yet but I was sure were they were going. I liked the pattern tissue. It is tuff. I tear off some more with numbers and text "9 Back Lining (Jacket)" This is the exact moment that I knew that my page was about Time. But for some reason, 9 o'clock was not the right time. OK things might still be a little upside down; but, I tell you I am over the h-f.
The clock face was one of the stamps that I borrowed from my friend. Do you think maybe that was rolling around upstairs in the attic? Tim passed through and told me I needed purple on the page. So, I added that. Kept adding more bits of tissue and layers of gold glaze and then aged it with brown. The journaling, "Time is on my list of favorite things and My Mother's Clock and Quiet Moments and Little Houses and Doodeling". And there you have it. My session in and out of the box...with me.

PS do go over to see Jeanne's first page.


  1. It appears that hissy-fits aren't hindering your final product, because it looks great!

    Thanks for your comment on my button page. I totally did not know that mens' buttons had 4 holes! I think it might've been ME that got rid of those, because they were boring white and black.

    You're right: Gramma K did love colour. She was very artistic, and at one time worked in a millinery shop. She quilted, crocheted, and probably much more :)

  2. OMG! This is fantastic! Love hearing your creative process...(((hugs))) for the hissy fit, but like Lilli said, it doesn't seem to have hurt your creative process at all! Love this! Smiles...


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