Thursday, March 22, 2007

Calendar Doodle for the week

Well this is real honest to goodness doodling. I'm just practicing and it's lots of fun. I'm trying to do the Tracie Bautista style of text. In case you would like to know, I used ZIG Memory System Calligraphy pens for the large text. I have had this set for a long time but have not really used them. Let me tell you, they work wonderful on fabric as this is what I used on my SHE bag. They are pigment ink, waterproof, and non-bleeding. It's true, they don't bleed on fabric. The other thing I really like and discovered today while doodling is they work very well over the watercolor crayons which is what I used here. The colored text is under the crayons and the black text is on top. Oh dear, gotta go....time for Gray's A
More later


  1. Sharon, Wow!!! this is fantastic!!!

    Sorry for my absense the last couple of weeks in commenting, but I have been popping by really quickly so that I could oooh and awe over your pretties, but with limited computer time, I haven't been able to comment. I just love what you do!!! smiles...

  2. The ZIG pens sound great...I'll have to check them out. And for goodness sakes I wish you would stop calling them doodles as they are incredible works of art!

  3. I have a set of crayons that I have been saving for ? ..I have zig pens from when I was waist deep in scrapbooking...I have CaranD'ache, Prismacolors...blah,blah...
    WHY aren't I producing these FANastic displays of ART?
    sign me... SOBBING in Scandinavia

  4. Love this one, it's my favourite so far.

  5. Your choice of colors is excellent. I love the design and color combinations. just gorgeous - and that's practice ? I'm glad you mentioned what you used. I wouldn't have guessed watercolor crayons. I have wwatercolor pencils but haven't seen them in crayons. very cool

  6. Just beautiful Sharon! So what's the background? Colored pencils or markers? I'm imagining markers or paint since calendar tend to be that shiny clay paper. VERY inspiring and gives me lots of great ideas!!!!

  7. I have one of her collage books - I have been wanting some time to sit and play with some of her techniques. This inspires me to take it out and try to get to it ASAP!


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