Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Killing Two Birds with one.....

stone. NO! NO! NO!

I'm not talking about killing my birds or chicken or guineas.

I'm talking about:

BIRD NUMBER ONE: My Deck of Me mini art journal. Well I can't really call it a journal yet seeing as how I have only made this one card. I believe it was for week 18 and the prompt was "nature". You know I love my chickens and guineas. They give us scrumptious little presents that we enjoy for breakfast. But they all also leave presents that are little puffs of themselves. I find them just floating around in the yard. I claim them as God's art and I use them in mine.

BIRD NUMBER TWO: I was over at MichelleWard's and reading about her Green Pepper Press Street Team Crusade No 8 is Cheap Tricks. Yes I'm cheap and so that definitely grabbed me. I checked it out and found that everyone was invited to share their "clever inexpensive favorite thing to use when making art."
That was easy, my little puffs of fowl are free. And I also realized that I have been using the various bird nest photos that I took several weeks ago in my art. As a matter of fact, it may be my most favorite thing to use at the moment. Check out the above link to get some really cool Cheap Tricks to use in your art.
Also, if you post about your Cheap Trick and then go back and leave a comment and link, well you get a chance at a really cool prize.
So there you have it one post. Two birds.
More later,


  1. wowie - this is so cool I would love to have polka dot feathers like that - love the nest - you are incredible!

    xox - eb.

  2. Yeah Sharon! You're on the team girl, glad to have you share your entry (with still a day to spare!). LOVE those feathers, and your photo of the nest is lovely. Be leary of new friends who want to come over....they may be after some feathers (wink). Terrific cheap trick!

  3. what lovely feathers! I'm collecting my rabbit's shed fur to make felt one day! I love your photo of the next.

  4. So what was I thinking NOT coming over to visit you more often? I've missed you! Your work is so gorgeous, as always, and it is so inspiring, as always! Take care,

  5. Love your feathers...makes me miss having chickens (I'll just think about cleaning the coops, that should keep me from missing them TOO much, lol!)
    Great photo, love seeing people use their photos in their artwork!

  6. "Thanks" for pointing out to yet another wonderful blog... Very inspiring!

  7. Omigosh, I absolutely LOVE your bird nests with the gorgeous feathers! Oh my, these are too beautiful!

  8. Oh great feathers and great work. ;) Thanks for sharing. ;)


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