Friday, August 08, 2008

Red White & Blue

I keep finding my name in the sale ads.
I enjoyed the graphic look on the "out of the box" page.
I'm watching the Olympic opening tonight.
Go Red White & Blue.
I already had this page prepped with the Atlas map.
In my mind, it was all perfectly clear that I should do this. So far.
Why don't you take the challenge and find your name in some text and start a journal page or piece of art. Put you name down first. It is like signing before you make the ART. Oh yes, let's all do RED WHITE & BLUE.


  1. We were watching the opening ceremony and I got really emotional when the Us team came out. That was such a spectacular ceremony I cannot wait to see it again on repeat...How about that making paper and paint brushes? That floor paper was my absolute favorite, simply Amazing!

  2. OK, I will give it a try. Going to big D this weekend. It's the only place where we can find Tab.

  3. I'm not sure Janet will be as easy to find as Sharon! Those pesky J's!! But that's a good idea for me to try since I'm once again having "art journal blues"...

  4. Now that would be interesting...where will I find my name ;?
    I think it is good to have a challenge...mine is to start on the big commission that I have to have done before November.
    Have a happy weekend. xo


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