Sunday, February 07, 2010

Mixed-textile Curtains

I made it work!!!
Do you believe I finally finished this little (big) project? Sure did and right on a big deadline.
I talked about it here. And I really really meant to get it done. Well finally I did.
Having a random type Sunday doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
So far painting hasn't happened and I'm really really getting out of sorts about that.
I'm hopeful.


  1. Gorgeous curtails. I love your colour combination, well worth the effort.

  2. I love your curtains-great choice of fabrics!

  3. No where could you find prettier, they look so good. I can't imagine finding the time, really you are moving like greased lightening. They are perfect. Han just right evenly spaced. You have to keep walking in the room to look at them.

    I Hope you got to paint.

  4. WoW these are really wonderful, they look hard to make. A labor of love! Hugs, Mary

  5. Pretty wild curtains! They really brighten the room.

  6. Looks gorgeous i think! Yellow kind of brightens up any room and it really complements the beautiful blue you have there. Congratulations! You must be proud!


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