Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Trees

I still have eight blank spreads in my Orvieto journal but I'm thinking I will save them for another trip.  Where to....I don't know.  Could be just a trip to the inside of me.  Where ever that is.

As you can see, this page is all about collage.  I might even say collage "Misty style".  It might surprise you that I never feel real comfortable with collage.  Oh, I do manage to please myself with it sometimes but there is just a feeling inside of me that I want to overcome. It is like a struggle that I can't really explain. I wish it were something that I started doing as a child because I really do love the look of collage and Misty does it with such ease.  She said she has been doing it since a child.  

So a commitment to play more with collage is another thing that I brought back with me from a wonderful workshop with Misty.  Thank you Misty.

♥ Sharon

PS  I named this page "My Trees" because....well they are my trees.


  1. Beautiful! I just went back through a bunch of posts I missed. had some trip!! I love the Orvieto journal.

  2. Sharon, this is perfection!

  3. Love, Love Sharon! Enjoying your inspiration from your Italy trip:)

  4. I'd never know you were uncomfortable with's beautiful!

  5. I like this the depth and color Sharon. The level of comfort doesn't show through on the art piece.So you conquered that for this piece, and you can keep doing that until it's gone!

    Funny, the only art class I had in school was one where my mom came in about 3rd grade and taught us about: collage! It was a very small rural school...2 teachers, 8 grades. Moms took turns cooking lunch. No art in high school, too small. Psychology/Neuroscience majors in college...again no art!Now here I am painting every day!

  6. I feel like I have been with you all the way with these incredible images. They are so inviting and draw me in to be nearer. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. Sharon,

    I would never expect that you were not comfortable with collage. Your work is always so beautiful and this piece is no exceptin to that. I love the work you did in Italy. It must have been a fantastic trip.

  8. Another great page, that journal must be a treasure to see in person.


  9. I love your work. Simple as that.

  10. wonderful piece Sharon, I love how long the body is.

  11. I am very much drawn to the transparency of these two paintings, you know that is not all that I like, but I have this facination with the transparency.
    There are layers of it and I get layers, and sometimes I get mud, so with all the white it is so beautiful, enchanting, with all the mystery of where is this and who is this person, and of course I have said this before, but I like it so much.

    It is obvious that you had a wonderful time and I am so glad you did and I knew you would.

    Wondering if it bothers you even a tiny bit not to have a full journal? I keep working on mune it has to have 28 paintings or collage/painting mix to be done.
    It is an old cookbook with a spiral and working out good with several pages put together.

    Also like the idea of the painting taking up two pages. I like everything. Have an Artful Halloween, last year you offered a challenge of finding spooky things
    In a done background, I had such a fun afternoon. I was not a blogger then.

  12. It's a beautiful collage. Very nice considering you're not "comfortable" with them. Inspiring as always. x

  13. Beautiful Sharon! I'd never guess you were uncomfortable with collage either. You do it so well!

  14. All these posts I've missed, I am enjoying now and will savor as I can. Delicious, and what a wonderful experience for you! You reveal so much with delicate comments, taking away layers....while teaching us to build layer upon is all so fascinating to me!

  15. so very beautiful.... you and your painting/collage.
    thank you, sharon.
    i am so glad you were there.
    love you dearly. xoxoxox

  16. I love your trees and the whole piece as well as all the other pieces from the Orvieto journal. Such inspiration! Thanks for sharing your fabulous trip.

  17. Love love everything,amazing Sharon.
    I have not visited for awhile,so much to catch up on.
    All I can say is wow...
    I adore all your new art work, such a pleasure visiting you.
    Have a great day.

  18. Nancy gene ArmstrongNovember 05, 2010 2:59 PM

    LOVE what I saw. This one captured me and I just had the best look around. Inspired to start something.

  19. Wow, what an exciting time and such beautiful work to learn from....everything you do is wonderful!!! Love your trees in your collage!!!


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