Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jude's Magic Feather Project

Because you may not have heard, I have something to tell you about feathers.

Magic Feathers.

Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth blog has a new project.  You can click over to this post to get the whole story but in essence, she has invited anyone who loves to stitch to send her a stitched-by-you magic feather.  It is for a special project she got cooking.

Jude is offering a free Magic Feather workshop for the month of August where she shows and tells all the hows and whats and ways you can make magic feathers.  Jude's goal is to collect 1000 feathers.  You can also watch the Gathering of the feathers.  As of today she has 54.

We have Blue Jays this year which we rarely see here.  And last weekend while in the yard I found two Blue Jay feathers.  It was like magic. Magic Feathers and magic inspiration.

I'm off now to get ready for my special company.  Lots to do.


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  2. Blue jays feather, how beautiful and how appropriate .... I love those colours.

    Jacky xox

  3. Love the stitching on your feather.


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