Thursday, September 01, 2011

New Art Supply

Moleskin Journal 5 x 8 page 
My friend Zorana brought along a little inspiration clipped from who-knows-what.  She said it had been floating on here art desk for quiet some time.   I know how that is and you probably do also.  Well since it floated along with her to Texas from California, we decided to use to as our first inspiration piece when we started painting.  The above journal page is my interpretation of the inspiration and Zorana is sharing her's on her blog.

She tells the story best on how we ended up with the same new supplies to try out together.   Gouache is basically an opaque watercolor.  Zorana paints faster than I do and I could have diddled with this little painting for another couple of hours.  But we had more fun things to paint.  Will show another next.
♥ Sharon


  1. Wishing you a fine Sept. how can that be?? I am in cooling it is 90 and so humid today but folks are coming ths weekend and I want the gardens to look sort of nice. I have to stay in now as I could colapse in the garden.

    I enjoyed reading about Zorana's visit and what you did, just the top of the list for a fun time.

    I like these opaque paints I did use them for landscape and floral at one time and even intermixed them with transparent watercolors.

    I like your painting, what I learned is leave things alone sometimes and just stop the fussing. I get in a snit over hands and I know I would over legs.
    When I was lookaing at work by matisse I noted that the hands were only an impression even if there were other things detailed.

    You girls made fine Jewelry also. so pretty.

    You have a long weekend, enjoy that.

  2. Sharon,
    Your painting is breathtakingly beautiful. She is so ethereal and I absolutely love that bird. I love, love, love your birds. It was interesting to see how differently you and Zorana interpreted her journal image.

    As always, reading here is my special pleasure.

  3. What a lovely journal page. Those colours are beautiful and look a bit tropical to me. I love gouache!

  4. I loved seeing this again and I love how different they turned out. We had fun, didn't we?

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  6. VEDDY VEDDY COOL BEANS i say with a cigarette in a long holder, dahling! just love this and your wonderful time with a painting friend! xoxo

  7. Kismet...the 2 of you with the gouache! ...and look what you 2 did with them! The color scheme is great....and the journaling....and the it all :)


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