Sunday, November 06, 2011

Granny's Spirit

small  pocket folders on my desk
I have discovered being "organic" in my new class gives me a little blog fodder too.  Today, I posted an impromptu tutorial that I worked up last night (not the folders) which led to a discussion about decorating our folders with collage.  Of course I had to show my little pocket folders. 

However, what I want to tell you is the little picture that is clipped onto the front of my letter/folder holder is my Granny and me (circa 1982).  I keep it there so I can feel her spirit.  Flowers was one of her personal symbols too.   

ps....I know someone will ask, the little Klimt inspired doll and owl were made by and gifted to me from Jacky.
silly me profile pic today

Profile pic today is obviously before my nose job.  Do you see how crocked it is?


  1. I love the pocket folders. they are so inspiring.

  2. Your nose might be "crocked" (did ya give it a beaker full of wine?!) but your face looks years younger with those cukes on it. Could pass for 20 if ya didn't have to take the cukes off and see to art!

    I'm off to put cukes on my eyes and be 20 again!!

  3. Nora, where did you post that tutuorial

  4. This is a fun way to keep those everyday things we see almost without thinking as pretty as the artwork we prefer.
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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