Sunday, March 04, 2012

Crackers or She Lived or Us

She Lived

She Lived.
That was easy, I so enjoyed your comments and thoughts about naming your paintings.  And I was so tempted to call this one "Crackers"  after Kristin Dudish's comment that made me laugh. But I thought instead to just call it "She Lived".

OK, I have to confess to you that I am totally knocked over with Peter Metchev, a Bulgarian artist that I have just discovered. I can't stop looking at his creations.  Click here for the google images.  I just love the way he "couples" faces and I just had to try it. I haven't felt this way since discovering Gustav Klimt.

I just showed She Lived to dear husband and told him it was a self portrait of us.  Of course, all I get is a puzzled raised eyebrow...much like the one I have painted on him. And I look just like that too.  So, maybe I should just call it "Us".


  1. Oh Sharon, I love this work! It's romantic and I LOVE green. Their dreamy sleepy gaze...and his outfit just makes me think Shakespeare.

  2. It's a very beautiful piece of art. I love it.

  3. I LOVE this, it has such an edge to it and is so different. Beautiful!

  4. Me encanta tu trabajo, precioso.

  5. Love the color combination.....and the way you are stretching your artistic talents!

  6. Thank you for turning us on to Peter Mitchev. Love his work and enjoyed your new work also.

  7. Oh how I love your art!!!! Now I am thrilled to learn of and see all of Peter Metchev art. Are you going to sell this on etsy or have prints made up...if so I would love to buy one!!!
    (((HUGS))) Vickie

  8. Thanks to all of you for the nice words.
    Yes Vickie, I'm trying to get myself back into the selling originals and prints shop. Should be soon.

  9. Wonderful Sharon! I'm really enjoying your collage faces online class. It's been slow for me because I'm so busy but am anxious to get back to it. I always learn so much from you so thank you for the constant inspiration.

  10. Wow Sharon! You just Rock everytime! :)

  11. What a great painting! I enjoyed looking at Peter Metchev's work, too. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Of course this work of yours just suits my fancy, all the curves and color it is so exciting. thanks for the info to go look, I wanat to try I feel nonready.
    So good to see all this work of yours to hear the spirt, see the spirit, nothing like a charged artist.

  13. Sharon,
    that little dramatic pause you recently had was your preparation for metamorphasis!
    I have loved your faces, but Oh MY!
    How you have transformed to a new level is inspiring.
    Love Love Love how your personality and hours of painting shine through so beautifully in your new works. xo

  14. I love this Sharon, and I clicked on the link and now I am freaking inspired....OMG!


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