Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Progression from U-glee

Did you think I could leave her that u-glee?
I'm actually not done with her yet and at this rate, 
I expect to be working on this canvas for a couple more months. 

I know. 
I may lose you in the process from boredom. 
I just can't seem to stay with it. 
My dirty little secret is, standing or sitting at my new gi.gan.tic easel seems to aggravate the pain in my back.
I was with out my computer for several days. I tried to stay in the loop with my iPhone. WOW! it is doable but oh my how I do love my computer!
Speaking of iPhone, I have been instagraming for a while now but I don't know how to tell you where to go. 
I think you'll know.
I think just search for my name.
Do you know who I am? 
Sharon Tomlinson
should be Enough.
Speaking of Enough which is my 2013 word. 
Today, I added a sub-word.
"Let Go"
It goes together in a sort of way and I'm sure I will expand on that.


  1. Hanging in there with you for as long as it takes...
    I know the outcome will be marvelous!

    1. Thanks for hanging Mary. I'm thinking if I get to paint today....I'm getting close.

  2. Loving the changes and progression. Take care of yourself. x

    1. Thank you. The heating pad in the chair zone sure feels good.

  3. I love seeing work in progress pics...go ahead...bore me!!

    1. Thanks, I must say, I don't usually make this many "changes of my mind". I've got that figured out though.

  4. While it might seem frustrating to you, it is interesting to me to see how your work evolves. I know nothing about "instagram". Guess I have something new to learn.

    On another topic, isn't your class in Avila Beach coming up soon?


    1. Hi Darla, You can look at Instagram on the computer but I think to play, you need an iPhone. It is all about photos.
      Unfortunately, I had to cancel the Avila Beach retreat. Family life gave me a huge jolt that I'm still not recovered from. Turns out the timing was not possible.

  5. Greetings Sharon, I have just discovered your Blog... Blown away by your beautifullll faces.. I will return.. gorgeous work.:)


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