Friday, August 09, 2013

Sisters Tutorial 4th post

This is the fourth post in this tutorial series. You can scroll down to the beginning if you missed it. 
You may remember that when I get into the flow of the painting and it is just me and her, I forget to take photos.
So, I thought today I will share the painting of two hands showing how they progressed.
 My preliminary sketches showed more of the body and the hands were extended. I changed because I wanted the heads to be larger on the canvas. The challenge then became how to add hands in a way that would read believable (without painting the arms). 

So far so good, I think. 
I'm not yet sure if I will add a third hand. 
I'm thinking about it. 
I will confess that with each hand that I add to a painting, I feel a little trepidation.
Then when I go ahead and go-for-it, I am elated.

I'm headed to the easel now and hope to finish this one in today's session. 


  1. I am always sitting with anticipation wondering what you decide to do AND I am always pleased. Thanks for allowing me to watch you in action.

  2. Hey buddy! :)

    You really amaze me! I love seeing this painting come to life.
    Thank you for the birthday wishes!
    Sending you hugs, miss you❤❤❤


  3. I am with Teresa! Love to watch what you do!

  4. It's always exciting to see your paintings come to life. Love it!

  5. Oh Sharon you are such a blessing. I just love watching you work evolve I can almost hear you mind ticking over. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing the process ,it is a privilege to know you and been taught by you. I miss your voice on these, but go back to Diary and listen to it there. So glad to see you back at the easel. Loved watching you garden too, so wonderful to enjoy your retirement. I enjoy mine but wish the day was twice as long so I can do all I want to still do in this life. Take care and lots of love. Keep Creating. Heather , Cape Town S.A. ps Jeanne-Marie and I chat a lot and she and another friend came over a little while ago to start on our Santos Dolls. Thanks to you we met and are friends ,she is such a precious being, and is creating some amazing art.

  6. hello,
    so kind of you to share each step of the way. it is wonderful to read each of these posts and see the photos of your art as it unfolds. it is looking wonderful!

  7. I think hands are hard to paint. After being inspired by this I think I'll get out my sketchbook and just try drawing a few.


  8. this is truly amazing and I am loving the process... so amazing my friend!

  9. Morning all of you! Thanks for stopping by and saying so. I love that. Have been away from the easel a couple of days. Hoping to finish up today maybe. ♥

  10. ok, I'm waitin to see that finished painting I saw on instagram today. ;)


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