Friday, September 06, 2013

A New Art Apron from an Old Blouse

New Apron Back
The blouse before destruction

Art aprons make me so hot and yet, I must wear one; otherwise, all of my clothes would carry the evidence.

So this weeks creative venture is to make a new art apron with very lightweight 100% cotton.
Of course the making has to be fun.
And I think you can decipher what I have done so far.
My plan is to bind the raw edges by hand stitching and embellishing with cloth fragments.
Inspiration is from Jude Hill. I am enjoying an online class with her called What If Diaries I.


  1. I need one of these--more and more of my clothes are getting spots of paint on them!

    1. Just go find a shirt in your closet and do it. It is fun creating.

  2. I seem to need an apron no matter what I'm doing. Painting, cooking, eating. Maybe I also need to stop waving my hands around so much.


    1. You know I have cooked without an apron for humpteen years and only this last year seem to need an apron. You think it is age?

  3. so many people have gifted me with aprons and i just stash them in a drawer....never to see the light this beauty, i might wear......i do need to get mine out and wear them because all my clothes seem to have paint on them......please share when this is complete.....hugs to you


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