Sunday, October 27, 2013

Infusion in San Miguel de Allende Mexico

I'm back!

A couple of days before leaving and still doubting myself about the trip, my friend said to me in an email, 
"You need an 'injection' of artful people around you right now."

One of the first round-table discussions or rather questions asked of the pilgrims was, "why did you come or what did you come for?"

My answer:
"an infusion"

(I was remembering the email......that actually said "injection".)

The tiny stitched booklet I'm sharing above was not one of the art projects presented by Katie and Judy.
However, on the last afternoon of the pilgrimage, using small left over textiles and canvas, I stitched this tiny booklet  to be left behind. 

A surprise!

This very just a few minutes...the pilgrims of the second group will assemble for their first breakfast.
This is when they will discover their "under-the-plate surprises. 

You know how stitching is when and where I reflect, clear the chatter, feed my soul, and rest. 
This tiny bit of stitching was a wonderful few last moments for me in San Miguel.

I have more to share another day.


  1. A surprise to treasure. I look forward to hearing more about the trip.


  2. Sharon, I wasn't the lucky one who found this booklet under her plate that morning but I can tell you it got passed around for all to admire, it was delightful!

  3. Love your post. I have a friend who did this retreat and loved it! I'm forwarding her the link to your post.


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