Monday, April 28, 2014

This is Sam and Vickie

Sam and Vickie are brother and sister and I took the liberty to paint my version of them.
I think I got the sweetness and brother-sister likeness even though not a likeness to the photo.  

Sam and Vickie 1926
I came back from my road trip with treasures. 
I went to see my friend and organizing guru.
Yes, we were organizing her stuff as she is in the process of down sizing.
My friend had a gillion framed family portraits and our project was to remove them from frames. 
I brought home the frames for the Garden Palace gallery.
She added the family photos to her genealogy records.
But when I saw one that really spoke to me, I took a quick iPhone snap for reference. 
This is Sam, my friend's father and Vickie, his sister. 
For real. 

Sam and Vickie in the scheme of One Hundred Faces
Faces No 72


  1. I love this project so much!! What are you mounting each little portrait on--is it wood and what are kind of adhesive are you using?

    1. Thanks Janet, I'm not mounting each on the board. It is a wood plank 12 X 36 and I prepped the board first with paint and then glued each little square of text from an old book. I planned the format and I'm painting on the text squares at random. Eventually all of the text squares will be a portrait.
      Thanks for your visits.


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