Sunday, March 22, 2015

Trash to Treasure

Another Garden Palace project.
I took this cute little cabinet apart to make it easier to paint.
Also, it was a bit wobbly which I fixed. 

Love the way it turned out .
However, I'm not sure just where I will hang it. 
Soon, I'll know. 

For now it sits "in holding" in the tiny stair-room.
And please do notice the painted floor. 

I'm not even sure what knick-knacks I will display.
And I was wondering, does it bother you that the side glasses are missing?
Not me.
I made a treasure out of somebody's trash.

PS...if you are interested in following me by email. There is a way to sign up in the sidebar. 
I signed up to follow me and it is pretty cool.

Now, I'll know when I post ;0)

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