Sunday, November 08, 2015

Another Choir

 Oh dear! There is always one unhappy singer. She, the unhappy one, is a good example for not painting figures straight forward. Face, eyes, shoulders straight on is so confrontational. And she is. But I left her there because she is a critical part of this choir. 

I'm guessing she sings with the lowest vocal range. Can you guess which one sings soprano?

I need your "Reactions".  
Look in the gray bar below each post just like the one here.
Please record your "reactions" by checking one or more block.

"Reactions" are totally anonymous. And there are no stats reported. It is just for fun. 

The thing is, I can edit the "reactions" to suit me. Which is what I did.

If you would like to see a different "reaction" block to check, just leave me a comment.

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