Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Meet Lady Susan

She is in my "in progress" stack. Maybe I will continue with her next. I am having trouble with energy at night. I am also having trouble with no "art at the desk" time.
But did I tell you that I spent over 2 hours on that "think tank"? Thinking and mowing. Boy that feels good even though I didn't finish. ART has trumped yard work this year. I'm OK with tall grass down by the creek and behind the tank and over by the Garden Palace. I just call it my Tall Grass Meadow.
I also blessed the bedroom and the big news is I moved that dad- blamed treadmill out of the bedroom and to the office. And even better news, I walked it yesterday and today.
More later,

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  1. You twisted my brain with UFPs, WIPs, LOPs, PP&F and DD-I-L..... LOL!!!
    Lady Susan is lovely. I can't wait to see the FP with her.


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