Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fool

I showed up for work today....but so far all I've done is mail art. That's a pretty good April Fool joke...don't cha think? I didn't get finished in March with my mail art. So, I'm still at it. Have some to show you that I received too. It is really cool but I didn't take time to photo yet. Cause I'm at work. And I really should do a little work.
Enough for now,


  1. Gorgeous mail art! You have been thinking I should work on some now ;)

  2. Wonderful! Just think how many people are going to smile as those env.'s travel through the mail.


  3. I'm so in love with that envelope! I can't believe how a simple thing like torn envelope window (that I throw away every day) can look so cool! You're the mail goddess and should do it as a job...

  4. Nice work if you can get it...I think you have the most wonderful job in the world.
    Love the envelope...I will be making some tomorrow...you inspire me to try new things.
    I have made four more paintings...I will try to photograph them tomorrow.

  5. Yes, I was thinking the very same thing. What a cool job that would be to just make mail art for eight hours a day. I know...dream on..:)

  6. Sharon, I finally made it over here to visit and it was so worth the wait. As always, I love your mail art...it's always so fun and creative.

    I had to laugh at your last post...it's so easy to let things slip when consumed by art, isn't it? :)

    I loved seeing all your new little birdies. I have a momma dove who is nesting on the underside of my bicycle hanging in our carport. Her nest is too high and I can't see if she has babies yet or not...I haven't seen them yet, but momma is maintaining a very quiet vigil on top of the nest so I am thinking soon... smiles!

  7. Hi Sharon..I think "see you there" is right - all the people that will smile while that envelope is on it's travels! I love the hand holding the flower.

    I guess great minds think alot...cuz I just did torn edges on my latest envelope and I love how it looks! Thanks for sharing.


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