Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thank You

I want to say Thank You and Thank You again for all of your beautiful comments, encouragement and support on my last post. You just don't know how much I have enjoyed reading and reading again all that you have said.
I didn't plan for it to take me this long to start listing my gallery on Etsy. I found many obstacles to keep me from doing that. I admit, it was very hard to do but I have started.
So, "Twins" shown above was the first to sell. I'm celebrating.....with a few tears.
Here is my plan. I still have a few that I haven't listed partly because I ran out of time today here at the office. Since I'm still having internet issues at home, I don't expect to list anymore today. I am holding off on listing the larger "sisters" paintings until I can get better photographs of them. I am going to show at my Daughter-in-laws shop in Georgetown at the Red Poppy Festival the last weekend of this month. Therefore, on Friday, April 25th, I will delete the listing from Etsy so I can show them in Georgetown. Then when I get back, I will relist them.
In the meantime I have another in the works but I have been diligently reorganizing and cleaning up my studio. More on that later.
Enough for now.
Except Thank You so very very much!


  1. What you have listed in your Etsy is beautiful

  2. WOW Sharon!!!52 comments!I am proud of you for letting go. I just realized that I hate to let things go and have started the process....and it's a bit painful, but I am feeling good about it.

  3. Bagsed one! Can't wait to give it a home.

  4. Hey lovey, been away, still away but could not resist telling you how awesome an idea you had a couple of posts ago. Congrats on the etsy stuff too. thanks for sharing again.

  5. your paintins are all beautiful, but i especially love the one with the poppies...let me know if you list it!~

  6. How exciting that you have already sold one...not a surprise as all, your paintings are so wonderful.
    You are an inspiration.

  7. Oh no! I didn't mean to make you cry! I adore the "Twins" and was so happy to get it! Believe me, it will be much loved, admired and proudly displayed in my home...Hugs...

  8. Great to hear that your things will be in an upcoming show. I would love to see your work "in person".


  9. Congrats girl! You're on your way!

  10. Swedes only typically get paid only once a month, and that is on the 25th. That being said, I am ALREADY in the Etsy area and planning on what I will buy! I will SO love your art work more than you will ever know and will send you a pic of where it is hanging!


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