Saturday, October 04, 2008

Saturday Challenge

Good morning friends,
Checking in early today with a weekend challenge for you. If you need one.
I'm having a weekend jam packed with ART. I hope lots of ART. Since I probably won't be able to share much of it, I thought I would give out a challenge.
So, here it is. Look around on your desk and in your piles of stuff or in your well organized stack of doodles and sketches. Pick one and paint it or be inspired by it to "do your thang".
That's what I'm doing with this little sketch that I unearthed. This is one of those "on hold" telephone conversation sketches.
Oh, and about the missing "Sheriff", I have enjoyed all of your comments and have concluded that I was just having a "gray" moment. Know what I mean?
Enough now,


  1. Good morning Sharon. It's funny, as I clicked on your button I was thinking where have our challenges gone? And there you have put one out there for us. Thanks. Studio Sunday I will work on this. I am thinking pink hair.
    Enjoy your art weekend (and stay off the think tank)
    xo suze

  2. Oh, man....only too well do I know them.....

  3. Sharon, Well, let me see...what can I do today? Hmmmm....there is always more than a thing or two waiting...but today, just for you...I'm going to try this and have some fun!!! You have some too! Pat

  4. I love this whimsical drawing...I can't wait to see where you go with her. I hope you are feeling a whole bunch better.

    xo Rella

  5. It's Saturday night...Yikes! I am whats new???
    If you will take a peek at my blog, you will see that Julie and i have a challenge going for the are so talented, it could be easy to win the award.
    Hugs, Mary

  6. Hi Nora!
    Well, if I doodled like you do, I could master this challenge, but my doodles are always the same box in a box or circle in circles...nothing too new or exciting to play with...but I will look forward to seeing your result.

  7. Well Sharon, my doodles consist of daisies, your doodle = WOWEE very inspiring!

  8. I can't doodle to save my life...just have no artistic skills, kwim?


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