Sunday, October 26, 2008

Etsy at All Norah'S Art

I give up.

I have tried and tried to load pictures to Etsy yesterday and today.

It is just not happening today.
So, I offer for sale here this beautiful

Sisters Wedding

10 x 20 gallery wrapped canvas.

Eleven sisters meet for the wedding of her dreams.

They all carry wildflowers and wear the string of pearl she gave them.

Of course, the twins insisted on standing next to her.

Email me if you would like a Paypal invoice.

$150.00 plus shipping


  1. oh they look so wistfully ethereally happy.. gorgeous color pallette...

  2. Wonderful...another absolutely mistic work of art! Congrats on another CPS appearance...well deserved!

  3. Sharon, The last several posts with new paintings...delicious! I love their faces, all the DETAILS throughout!! Such feasts for the eyes and without words, they are telling their stories.........Pat

  4. This is simply gorgeous! Love the faces and flowers and colors!

  5. Sharon this is just gorgeous. I can't believe how many of your fabulous posts and artwork I have missed while I have been away from blogland.

  6. The latest Cloth Paper Scissors issue just walked into my door, carried in by my husband who walked out to the mailbox to pick up the mail. He said "I knew you'd want this right away!" How true, as I was anxious to see your "Three Sisters for Tea," a wonderful, wonderful piece of art. I found your page as quickly as possible and I shall probably enjoy it til the ink fades from the page!!! Thanks for all you do! Pat

  7. Girl, this is just beautiful...but underpriced. I wish I won the lottery so I could buy it for what it is worth. It makes me smile. It would make a lovely wedding gift!!!

  8. Love the colors, the pearls. Very nice... ~PJ

  9. Good luck with your etsy sales Sharon...these are all gorgeous!

    I dont have my latest CPS yet, so I am champing at the bit to receive it now that I know your girls are in it... congratulations. Thats my favourite magazine!

    Jacky xox

  10. Simply stunning! Your artwork is always delicious eye candy!
    Enjoyed the visit!

  11. Gorgeous! Love the wedding idea.

    Saw your tea piece in CPS - congratulations - it's exquisite. Btw, they have the online piece up now:


  12. OOps, that URL didn't work. Here is the rest of the end of it.


  13. This makes me happy. I love your work Sharon.
    Linda x

  14. oh I thought that other one on the post for today was Sister's Wedding....well THIS IS AMAZING.

    You blow me away Girl.

    I am having the best time browsing thru your beautiful artwork.

  15. It is truly beautiful! you are s o talented. Your tree spirit video inspired me to make something! I just played around and made some on watercolor paper strips ..I love them! Merci !


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