Saturday, November 08, 2008

Last Blog Love xo

Royal Mail. I love that.
I knew when I saw the face on this beautiful Mail Art envelope that it from Fiona. I recognized her style.
This beautiful package was full of wings. Pages of wings. You see, you may not know that Fiona is my wing supplier. This is not the first time she has supplied wings to me. And I have shared with many of you. If you received mail from me, you may have received wings.
Now, I am caught up with sharing the blog love. The sheets are washed and back on the bed. I have restacked the stacks on the art table. It is good enough. I can now merge all the ephemera and treasures together with my stash. I will start scanning the wings.
I am inspired to paint ladies on Mail Art boxes/envelopes. And will. And Norah's inspired to paint........oh I'll wait and fill you in on that next post.
Enough for now,
Sharon having a great weekend!


  1. Are these wings pages from books that are sent? They are lovely, lovely.
    And the wrappers...divine. What fun mail my dear friend!!!

    xo Rella spending some days home in the nest.

  2. Don't you just love receiving something you like and will use! The first thing I do is scan them in so that i can have a perpetual supply!

  3. What fabulous wings...I wondered where you found all of those beautiful wings.

    I must try scanning my images into the computer.


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