Saturday, November 08, 2008

One Feather Page

She took the dare.

And it arrived yesterday in this crazy fun box.

With some of those "looking-in-the-clouds" creatures.

Of course, don't you know I had to add some paper napkin fishes and flowers.

I'll be catching up on some blogging this weekend and washing some sheets and finding some order in the studio and making some art and just chillin.
Enough for now,


  1. Beautiful piece....just the one feather....perfect!

    And who wouldn't be smiling to get that art in the mail!!

  2. Beautiful journal pages from Zorana (I take it)... what a wonderful dare, I just love the feather and the shell.

    Looks like you have been busy-gorgeous colours!!!

  3. Hi Sharon, Wonderful drawing in your art journal. I love it. I hope you don't mind I've tagged you and added you to my blog. Toni


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