Thursday, January 21, 2010

My studio this morning. Just wanted to show you that it is not always in order but still looks pretty good.

My promotional video is above and I really realized how well I can zone out the world when I listened to the clips and realized that I left the TV on in the other room. I think you can hear me anyway.

If you missed the edit from yesterday's post...........Workshop Registration is Open.

I'm ready to receive you money with a Paypal button.




  1. Sharon, I simply love that painting. The loon is to die for and the girl is so ethereal. I just paid for the class and am raring to go! I do love your work and want to learn your techniques. I also posted about the class again on my blog, so I hope you get many new students.

  2. My payment should be there by tomorrow, I sent it late on Monday.
    This is so exciting. thanks you so much for the postingof my quilt/painting creation. Your like Paul Harvey with the rest of the story. This was such fun for me and there is more fun to come.
    Sort of like the Beach Boys, Fun, Fun, Fun, till her daddy to her brushes away. Emelie

  3. What a fabulous studio and blog you have to showcase your gorgeous work! Found you through Sanda's blog and so happy I did.

  4. Hey Lady!!
    Wow.. it's about time you did this.
    How many times have I asked you to do a class.?.. Lets see?.. hmmmmmmmm
    You are just so fun.. I was laughing at your video.. as you spoke of your husband saying.."loonie bin".. you just kept right on applying your paper border.. *..
    What fun, you will see me there soon.
    Hugs, Darlene

  5. Glad you caught that glitch. Had a hard time following you...But I am at that point of hearing disfunction when I am in a room full of people talking, I can't understand if someone is talking to me.
    Good luck with your class. I will give you a shout out on my blog.

  6. I am so happy to have found your blog! I will come back later to read - I'm supposed to be working now, shhhh, lol!

  7. Hi Sharon!! Got your comment..hee hee! You are too funny!

  8. Your blog is on my list of favorites and I visit often. Your creativity helps makes my day and that is why I am awarding you with a Sunshine Blog Award.

    Check out your award here

  9. I love the pics of your studio & your work.Fabulous.

  10. Best wishes for a wonderfully creative workshop. I enjoyed my visit to your blog.

  11. YAY for YOU

    look at you ! ONLINE WORKSHOPPIN


    Love that studio too.

    Good Luck MIss Nora ( S. )

    You are Wonderful and Your Art JUST BEAUTIFULLLL

  12. Your studio is wonderful, it looks just like it should. Filled with your love of art.
    Hugs, Mary

  13. Sharon I just love you to piece's, your so priceless. I love how you joked with us.I would not have you any other way and we get you tell your darling husband. So wonderful to see you in person. The art piece you are working on is beautiful.Love your studio and your so wonderful too.
    Really enjoyed your video and dreaming about your classes....
    Hugs Laura. That was fun seeing you !! xoxx
    How brave you are.

  14. Hi Sharon, you have really cheered me up. So excited about your class.
    I have been feeling right out of sorts, think it is the time of year.
    Love your art so much.
    This is one smilie girl tonight.
    I came over from a lovely blogger Angela Recada's blog after seeing your little picture post link.
    You have both made my day! Totally!



  15. Hi Sharon!! Can't wait!! I know it was be SO fun to learn from you.

  16. Sharon,
    Would you post a snippet of your class so that I can get an taste of your workshop? I had to turn off your youtube - couldn't hear you from the tv:( I have that high frequency hearing loss which is dreadful.

    Your Loon and Girl is wonderful.

    Thanks so much!

  17. Hi Sharon,
    I'm interested in your workshop...I've never done an online class and I work so I wouldn't even be "on board" the first day....I really only have time on the this something that is do-able? I'm just not clear how it works. Didn't see an email address for questions...thus the comment here. Thanks!

  18. Hello Simply Blue and All,
    Yes the workshop is so doable on just the weekends. It is done at you own pace and the Ning site is actually easier to navigate than it seems at first. There are already a lot of really cool artist there who are helpful and fun. Hope you can join in.

  19. I am tied up in a class that begun in December and I have been remiss in working. I hope that this will be offered again as I would love to take it. All of the videos say to try back later, so I shall return!

  20. I really like your painting. Just wish I could have understood more of what you were saying.


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