Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Painting Random

Little by little I will get there. I'm working from the face out on a background of random shapes and colors over random collage papers. I also am trying to be random with strokes but find that so very hard to do.

I do have a theme in mind. And maybe that is the problem. I feel a struggle going on with this piece. I know you know the feeling or is it thoughts. You want to sit down in front of a canvas and just pick up your brush and let the brush paint something spectacular. You can see it in your head. You know it is possible. You think you can do it. You believe you can do it. You want to believe you can do it. And then you start pretending that you can do it. And you promised that you would listen and make random strokes guided by the brush or pencil. And you hope that no matter what disaster appears that you can salvage it.

That's all for now,


  1. Do I ever know the feeling!
    I vow to let the art just flow, and then I get all bogged down in details. So ..."anal". LOL!

    I'm trying to let artists like you teach me how to find that perfect groove. Instead of perfectionism.

    Enjoying the process of this pretty girl!

  2. Sharon/Norah, I LOVE, LOVE this! The colors and the expression in the face is wonderful!

  3. I think it is coming along beautifully, but I know what you wrote about...seeing that perfection in your mind but having trouble with the execution. I think sometimes we just have to do and not worry about the result..

  4. I Really Love the Face You are working on..... It is Beautiful ~ One Day, I want to Learn from You....
    Have a Wonderful Easter Week

  5. Sharon, you make everything look so easy--I can't believe that you struggle--and I know exactly what you mean!

  6. Well whatever you are trying to do, all your work is just lovely as it is. Maybe you could re-post each of the pieces you are not sure about against (next to) the 'finished' piece, and we would better understand why you are striving for something else. I'm probably being stupid here for I am no artist and woke up last night 'visualising' a piece of textile art; I was dreaming how I would handle the construction .... in my case I may never even start what I envisioned.

  7. Your painting is SO beautiful!!

  8. Look at it through our bright eyes, and you won't be quite so hard on yourself. The strokes I see look fresh and random and like they were put exactly where they were meant to be!

    What I like is that it looks watercolory, pastely and acrylicy all at the same time. And yes, those are words. At least in my head!

  9. I'm sorry you're having a struggle with this BUT I can see it's going to be spectacular whenever you finish and bring her to life. I think random strokes are hard hard hard.

  10. How beautiful! And I love the accompanying story. Raw and beautiful.

    @wildsomersetchild - i hope you make your dream textile come true one day!

  11. Can't wait for the final unveiling!

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  13. It won't need to be salvaged. It always ends up the way it was supposed to be!

  14. I love that you used that 12 minutes to paint! Wonderful!

  15. I chanced upon your blog and saw the paintings. They are very beautiful (I wish I could draw like that)

  16. i just started my blog and was hoping you could give me some pointers on how to get followers. your work is really beautiful and i hope you will check mine out.

    xoxo B


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