Friday, March 26, 2010

Workshop for painting Dark Skintones

I've just added a new online class.
Well, it is not really new because it was slipped into my first workshop, Faces: All Norah'S as an extra.
I now offer this class for painting darker skintones as a stand alone class.

All Class Videos and lesson material is presented at the beginning of this class. You will have access to them any time. This class will continue for an indefinite period and you are welcome to stay as long as you like and take as long as you wish to paint.
There are eight videos that total 92 minutes of instruction.

You will learn how to transfer images as background layers;
but mainly this is about painting darker faces using Folk Art craft paints.
5 x 5 canvas or substrate of your choice
small size is preferred
Folk Art colors used: Maple Syrup
Ultramarine Blue
Pure Orange
Italian Sage
True Burgundy
Golden Liquid Acrylic used:
Bone Black
Turquois (Phthalo)
Burnt Umber Light
Golden heavy body Zinc White or a Folk Art white
Golden Mediums: Matte Medium #3530 and Soft Gel (Matte) #3013
Please note: If you have taken the Faces: All Norah'S workshop ($65.00), this is part of that workshop.
You won't be able to navigate until you buy a workshop and then sign up.
But you can see what a great site it is and watch the photo slide show.
Join me,


  1. Precious, I love your work
    Love the expression on the faces

  2. I just recently discovered your work and love it....I'm loving the idea of this class and that you use the folk art paints....are you still offering the bigger class as well....thanks!

  3. What a fascinating class - and I love these pics. Wish I had more time; if I had I would snap this up. I'm hopeless at people.

  4. Love your dark faces as I do all of them.

  5. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for answering and your help on commenting on some blogs...I'm gonna try for your class I did find on your ning site where it's still available and will I just need to save up for the next two or so weeks or twist hubbys arm alittle more but I WILL be there shortly and can't the way is their a supply list posted for it somewhere so I can look in advance...if not that's okay...I can wait for when I do be on the lookout for me. Take care!

  6. Sharon, your African American skintones are fabulous. I love that you made this a break away lesson ... and I will cherish the two originals that I managed to buy from you! You're a wonderful and giving artist ... thanks for all you do.

  7. I MUST look for the prints of these! They are wonderful and I am so excited that I found them you using folk art paints.


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