Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Painting Beads

In fact I did start the day painting beads. And I also ran the video (Morning ART 27th) while doing so and I talked too. I have added the Morning ART videos at my Ning network and you can click on the link to go and watch if you like. If you aren't signed up yet in my network, no problem, sign up and I'll put you through.

Last night while watching Dancing WS, I played ART a little bit. See if I get something started in the morning, then I'm likely to play a little in the evening.

This is where I left it after today's Morning ART. I have a little more to do and this one is for Renee Troy and a fundraiser project for A Place to Bark that she is working on. I hope to finish and get this in the mail to her this week.



I am very excited to be published is the above newest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Studios. I think it is to be available May 18th and if you would like a little peep of the Table of Contents, just click here and scroll down.

And that's it for today.



  1. Congratulations on being featured in CPS Studios...I will go out and buy the issue as soon as it becomes available.
    I am loving your videos...so I signed up. See you there.

  2. Oooh, how exciting, Sharon-I'll be looking for the issue--congratulations!!

  3. Sharon this piece is extraordinary. Just beautiful!!

    Congratulations on being included in the next CPS Studios - that's one I make sure not to miss!!

  4. Congratulations, Sharon, on being in CPS. I'm looking forward to seeing you there.

  5. I love your art! I'm hoping by looking I can learn a few things! I'm teaching myself some techniques (with God-given talent) and hope to start up a business. God bless!

  6. I can hardly wait to open the CPS..you are so amazing not only in your lovely art, but that you share, and a lot of us are learning. And people like me are just enjoying all that you can do.
    Hugs, Mary

  7. Congrats on being published, Sharon! Your painting is looking awesome. I'll have to watch the video when I get home. Can't wait!:)

  8. I have my order in for the new CPS as soon as it is available in Australia!!!

    I love your latest painting. The birdcage and little blue bird are just perfect.

    Jacky xox

  9. So exciting to see CPS has you again, a big hug and congrats to you.

    I have been looking at the videos and see such artisticness, it stirs the bursh to see. Even beads can have magic in their design. I always like the bird cages, ad wonder about the steady hand that does those lines.

    I am quite excited to get my neo crayons this week. Quite excited to do a face that doesn't say me and just work on different eye shapes and mouth. Your new facehave such a look of grace and beauty. Beauty without being a
    today sort of girl, that is called classic beauty I think.

    I learned today and one other day also how people feel with the new idea of painting a face and doing it on their own at home and having a wonderful gel tranfer then making a great greeting card from their work. It felt really good to see someone excited about what I taught and you have taught so many.

  10. Hello! I found you through A Fanciful Twist blog & have just become a follower! I just love your art! Beautiful!

  11. Yahoo!! I love finding you in magazines. :)


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