Friday, April 23, 2010

Morning Art

April 23rd Morning Art with me.

Well I did it. I'm afraid it might be a bit boring but here is my little bit of time with morning art today. I will probably just do this on weekdays and not the weekend.

Speaking of weekend, it is about here. Have a great one.



  1. Oh my, used my favorite colors in your morning art...I am in love with it....I am sitting here doing the projects that I never did get to finish for your class...(New grand baby interfered with art time)...I will post on my blog this week end...It is so good to be home and "arting" in my studio space.....

  2. Fun colors, fun swirlies, fun video! But once again I'm all nervous cause you're gonna be late for work!!!

    It was fun seeing you on the video, sure have been missing these. It's like we're right there in your studio playing art with you.

  3. I love watching your videos, listening to your voice, like the tone of it.
    Loved your class and I have learned so much from you. Hope you will have another one.
    This swirls look nice.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your art techniques. Enjoyed your morning art.

  5. Nice to see you in the process...thanks for sharing! I love how you use your own art to not waste!

  6. Your videos are such fun. And I love your squigglies! I'm going to try to make some of those to use as texture.

  7. Well I was hypnotized watching and listening, then suddenly done. For those minutes I might have agreed to anything. I have not used swirls for a long time and I like them. They seems to work better than trying a square or diamond cut, but I thought about that also.
    Maybe I should try ovals, I even one day was wishing there were more shapess, or colors that had not yet been discovered. There are variations but there won't ever be a brand new color, and if there was what would it be called.

    Ok I thought maybe I should not talk toight, really tired, no good reason just tired.

    I did enjoy the video started thoughts.

  8. Sharon, Sharon, Sharon...we love you and your art. I don't know how you do so much with so little time! I am sorry you are feeling that rut syndrome, but as we all know they are probably due to our muse going on vacation without sending us a postcard and all of a sudden we feel lost sort of. Since I am just now taking your class it is fresh for me and I thank you for that cause I was in a deep, deep, deep rut until recently when I found you! I almost didn't want to get out of bed, well I didn't want to get out of bed and now I can't wait because I have some creatin' to do :D Please, Please make another class soon and think about putting your first class on DVD - we all would buy it, well I most certainly would - everytime I watch you I learn some little new thing and I never get tired of listening to your soft and gentle voice! Thanks are the best:D

  9. Thanks for sharing your squiggles Sharon. They're very inspiring to try.
    Your art is amazing and I am so looking forward to receiving your wonderful painting and page for the fundraiser.
    big hugs,


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