Monday, May 24, 2010

The Cloth Side of Me a Family tradition.

Both of my Grandmothers pieced and hand quilted quilts. And I have many memories of watching in awe. And so, it is a part of me.
Both gave me a quilt as a wedding gift. One grandmother we called Big Mama and one was Grannie. My Grannie gave each child a quilt and each grandchild received a quilt or two. That is the tradition that I so wish and hope that I can follow.
I have added another page tab at the top where I intend to journal about my cloth side.
Hope your weekend was great. I'm now looking forward to a long weekend ahead.


  1. What a lovely tradition! That will keep those women alive for such a long time with warm memories.

  2. Isn't it wonderful for such precious gifts to be passed down....I love all your art and I have enjoyed browsing your blog...
    I have even taken one of your online classes and learned so much since I am new to this medium...

  3. Sharon, Oh, my! I'll be curious to see where you go with your Cloth to Cloth. I admire the idea, but being a kind of 'neat freak' I could never do this kind of work. My obsessive compulsive tendencies always take over...much like your Norah. I'm apt to use all kinds of leftover 'stuff' though...and that I think is one of the great things about this kind of work. Do enjoy yourself and I'll enjoy watching! pat

  4. Yes!yes! Show us your cloth side.
    Do you need any fabric? I still have some to weed out.

  5. I had a good time looking through your new blog section. You have so many talents hidden away.


  6. I love to quilt, and it wa part of my family history also. It is a wonderful tradition to hand down. I have been so busy doing other things that I haven't been quilting the past couple of years very much. Hugs, Mary

  7. Beautiful Sharon, and so lovely to hear your family tradition with quilts (you are so lucky to live in the USA where it is an age old tradition for the women to quilt).

    My grandmother embroidered, but was not patient enough to teach her daughters or grandchildren which was a shame. She did embroider table cloths and doily's for us all though.

    I have made both of my boys a quilt, starting my own tradition I hope and one for my nephew. Need to make them larger sizes now though!!!

    Looking forward to following your cloth blog too...your fabric work is as beautiful as your gorgeous and inventive mixed media.

    Jacky xox

  8. Hi Sharon, I didn't want to comment on the giveaway post (because I already did), so I decided to comment here. I just wanted to tell you that I got the new Studios magazine, and I really enjoyed your article. It's so much better to see someone's studio when you know them, and I loved what you did with both of them and the also the way you explained your process on how you tackled this big job. My favorite photo is on the last page--the wall of art. I would love to walk into that everyday. This is my goal--to accumulate and hang art all over my little studio--thanks for inspiring!

  9. You seem to have plenty of talents at hand. I would be looking forward to your quilt projects too. So excited!

  10. I love the idea of handing on traditions within a family. None of my relatives sewed or painted but I am trying to create pieces for all my grandchildren (nine of them) and one at least loves sewing and another paints. Some of them are quite little as yet, so there is time. Now to find your Cloth blog ...

  11. P.S. I couldn't find the link - I'll keep searching.


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