Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Class in the Works

My morning ART this week has been working on my next ecourse. I can't share that with you just yet. But it is coming soon and I think you will love everything about it. Here is a little out-take for your enjoyment.

I will be offering it at my Ning network. This is just a little "brain spark" clip.

Random fun,



  1. You are a great tease, and so much fun. Yes I think I am interested in this as you know how I love faces and the different kinds that can be done. I have no preference really, I am attracted to full body odd sort of paintings that make one wonder who, why, and where some pretty some sort of haunting with odd birds and odd hands that appear. Various backgorunds give me please in doing and seeing. Reasons to use design and flowers.

    I expect that your class will show different sorts of eyes, and mouths that all add to one's education on how to paint several ways and not get in the rut that is comfortable. Comfort is comfort and pushing is more fun.

  2. You make me laugh..that is so important these days...thanks!!!!!!!!

  3. You make me smile with your teasing video! I'm on the way to bed so that is an extra good thing. Count me in...I love mysteries.

  4. I can't wait for this one!!! WOO HOO!!

  5. Hi Sharon,
    so excited to hear about this sorry if i missed it but i take it you'll be hanging around on ning for awhile...i still want to take the faces class but wasn't sure with the new ning changes if you be staying there or not...Thanks

  6. Your little sample is like the commercial "Betcha can't eat just one". I want MORE.


  7. and what a teasing Spark that was! You're so cute!!!


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