Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Feeling Stretched

We still have lots of plums.
Not for long as they are falling ripe to the ground.
One person can eat just so many plums.
I would send some home with you if you came for a visit.
I'm feeling as stretched this week as that shirt full of plums. I have so many things on my unwritten list that I need to write the list. I felt a crash coming on last night so I landed in bed at 8pm. But I'm still feeling tired this morning. I have had several weekends in a row that were not ARTful and I don't know that I can take much more of that.
Well actually, my adventure last weekend was ARTful but not with a paint brush in my hand. And I need a paint brush in my hand.
My adventure was great. My friend Susan and I went down the road a bit to partake in a class with my friend Deryn. The class was "Clear Applications in Resin". I so enjoyed seeing Deryn again and she is a wonderful teacher. Don't miss her if you get a chance to take any of her classes.

PS... There is still time to comment for a free spot in my Faces in Technicolor class. Scroll down for that post.


  1. I could use a plum, we are so far from tree ripened plums. OF course I would feel obligated to make a jam or sauce, sauced plumbs with a pound cake, one can buy a great frozen pound cake. My mind always travels to preserving despite the fact I don't really want to I do get satisfaction from it. PLum silly I am.

    charming charms, I think of those things and learning that, trying even something simple that I could do with what I know. I can't now,
    just too much. I ate the first ripe berry in the warm rain this morning and it was a delectable thing.

    I also started a series of books about the "OutLanders" they are long and there are 8 in the series and so good.

    So I did paint this morning and last night quite late and loved that also.

    Wishing you rest, and a brush in your hand.

  2. Yummy...I so want a plum now...and love the charms.

  3. It was great to finally meet you Sharon! Wasn't it fun playing with resin? Well, not the ride home with it though...as my turned over! Amazing how most of it recovered~scared me to death!
    If I were there, I certainly would like some fresh plums =)

  4. Oooooh, Sharon,

    Those plums look so good.... when I was little we had plum trees in our back yard.

    How to close to southern Michigan are you? Is it worth the drive to get some of those luscious goodies???

    Still hoping I get that other free spot in your class,


  5. These resin pieces turned out fabulous Sharon! And your plums look yummy. We had a huge cherry crop this year... I think it had to do with the early warm season we got.But NO apples, what was that about? Still waiting for the peaches to ripen.

  6. The plums look great---they would make wonderful plum JELLY, especially the really ripe ones!!

  7. awee..this brings back memories of when I was 18, married and had a plum tree in my yard. I made Plum Jam!
    are you selling those charms Lady?
    They are great!
    What about that apron?.. I know I am asking too many questions.. lol
    hugs, Darlene
    I start a fresh painting in dark faces tomorrow!

  8. I hope you get some serious ART time before you crash too low. Take care. Hugs.
    BTW suspect it is way too far for me to come collect some plums LOL

  9. Can you make prunes with them?
    Love the resin piece...would love to take her class.
    Also love the little heart you've added...how do you do that?

  10. Thanks for sharing the pics of your wonderful plum crop. Ours are going crazy here in Central Texas as well. Making more preserves today, in fact! dix---

  11. Oh! Your bezels are just gorgeous. Thank you for joining me in class! xxoo

  12. Gosh, Sharon, I know what you mean about being stretched. As for the plums I'd definitely take some if I came to visit!


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