Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lunch Time

Hello My Friend Zorana,

This was for you and then I did a silly thing and decided to invite everybody.



  1. Sharon, you're so funny--I wish I could do this on video :)
    And that lunch looked absolutely delicious!

  2. Love you too! You are hilarious! I can't stop laughing at you dipping the flip in the avocado bowl! Soooo funny! You are a master of spring rolls, it looks absolutely delicious! I will have to make one for my lunch tomorrow. Minus the crunchy cucumber, because mine don't even have flowers yet... Now I have to see it again. Bye!

  3. Please don't be insulted,,I had this odd feeling that I had just tuned into a show my kids use to watch called the "Electric Company"
    And I had to really laugh a couple of times.

    Now I shouldn't be on the computer as I have a lot of dirt under my nails. Damp soil makes for good weeding. I do love to garden on cloudy days.

    Now I have this lovely face I painted in my studio, I did this last night and I have a block of what to do with it. So gardening is a good thing for me today.

    this video did not help me decide on how to finish my painting, but it did make me want a cucumber.

  4. AWW...I have always wanted to have lunch with you!

  5. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Sharon this is so cute! Yum, don't your spring rolls look like Spring! And those cucumbers crunching and slurping around in your music to my ears!

  6. Ok, now I'm officially HUNGRY! Your lunch looks soooo good. I love your sense of had me laughing over dipping the flip!

  7. Sharon I just think you are awesome. You are such a scream and love to have fun.
    That looks so yummy and love cucumbers too.
    Sorry I have not been to visit for a bit.
    I have missed your delightful blog,always such a thrill to visit you.
    Too cute Dipping the flip in an avocado bowl. What is in that spring roll,looks so yummy ?
    Thank you for sharing, your humour is priceless.
    Have the best day.
    Hugs, Laura. xoxx

  8. I've had the pleasure of this lunch in person and it's amazing! Thank you for sharing your delicious and rare cucumbers!


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