Saturday, July 03, 2010

Message Board To-Do

Little by little, I'm getting it done. And making progress on last weekends to-do list. Marked off several major things and took this pic before I replace those items with more major to-do things.

This kinda keeps me from stressing too much. I need to be able to mark something off a list somewhere and where better than my message center.

I still have some major thing to add to this list.

Thanks to all who sent me happy birthday wishes at Facebook. That was huge fun and I'm still celebrating with a three day weekend. I get to do that every year.

I wanted to share my third face from Faces in Technicolor. Can you guess what my color inspiration was for this face? All the videos are up now. Of course the class is still in progress and will be indefinitely. That means you can jump in anytime and won't miss a thing. You have the advantage of all the videos up for you from day one.

Please allow me to share a testimonial from one student:

"! Just watched the last class and can't thank you enough for being
such an awesome teacher. Your class combined the PERFECT balance between
visual demonstration and verbal instruction...with wonderful tips thrown
in! You really are amazing! I learned SO much!!!"

Well, what can I say, thank you and you have no idea how huge my smile is.

♥ Sharon


  1. Loving your class Sharon!. I am so glad that I can keep watching and not feel rushed. I am practicing my sketching. Been out of the drawing loop for some time and it shows. Fun though to be inspired again.

  2. Wow, look at those eyes, she's gorgeous!

  3. Sharon, Happy Birthday...altho late. I know you are having fun, I can tell in your 'voice' on the blog posts. And, I hope you have a great 4th of July too! I'm keeping up with you...even when I don't always you are doing wonderful work.
    Enjoy your summer kiddo!!! pat

  4. This is beautiful, orange is my favorite color!Ok, orange and orange, yellow, TODAY it's orange! I am with you on lists. Crossing one thing off encourages me to get the next done. I do wish I had a chalk board for that to put THAT on a list now!

  5. Hi Sharon - I had your name on a little post it note on my laptop and I can't quite remember where I got it from but I am so glad I did. I just spent about an hour watching your videos - love your work - love your videos - I think I am going to take your class - so glad I met you.

  6. dear sharon!
    i couldn't get the dang email to work ...
    i read that there was an accident with your husband
    and wanted to send get well wishes
    let you know even tho it might not be much
    i am thinking of y'all
    and hope he recovers quickly
    i know there are a LOT of variables involved with a boating accident

    so i am hoping it was a lesser degree of accident ...

  7. Such creative and exciting use of colour. Inspirational.

  8. Hi Sharon,
    Its been awhile since I peeked in on everyone in blogland! Just stopping by to say Hi and say I absolutely love the colors on this recent painting. I seem to be drawn to the rich, brillinat tones these days! Blessings!

  9. I'm still slapping myself for not taking this class, but I'd already committed to two other courses, scheduled for the same weeks, so didn't think I could handle it all. My mistake, and a big loss for me.
    I will say this without hesitation......put my name down for the next one. I'm in......ready and waiting!!!!!
    Two of my favorite artists, teaching together. I'm fainting from joy!

  10. This is gorgeous.. :) I'm inspired, and wanted to come back to see more..



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