Sunday, July 11, 2010

Slinging Paint

This morning I just needed to sling, fling, scrap, brush, stamp, wipe, and smoosh, PAINT!!! You know what I mean? Put it on, cover it up, wipe it off, put some more back on and on and on and on. I needed to do that. Whew!! I feel so much better. I made four backgrounds just like this.

Happy to have a restful Sunday to recover from another marathon two and half days with my friend Deryn. Yep, we are a whole lot closer to opening registration for our mixed media and mixed metals class. We are going to tell you all about it and show you all about it but the backgrounds above are a little peep at some of the mixed media in the class.


On another front, my DH is doing much better from his boating accident. Actually, it was a preboating accident. The motor was running, he was about to get in and drive the boat off the trailer when he slipped and fell on the concrete ramp in the water. As he fell, he pushed the boat off the trailer and it was drifting in the lake with the motor running and he could not get up. Long story short, help came in the form of two good Samaritans who helped him fetch the boat, put it on the trailer and load him (literally) into his truck. He could drive because it was his left leg that was like a wet noodle and he was in no pain. I was on my way to meet him at the lake when it happened so he waited for me and then I followed him to the ER which was very conveniently only about 3 miles down the road. All is well, he will see an orthopedic surgeon Thursday to access whether or not he will need surgery to reattach muscle tissue.
Did I thank you for being out there even in my absence? Thank you!
♥ Sharon


  1. Wow, that's a scary accident. Glad your DH is doing okay and I love your slinging paint pages!!

  2. Love the backgrounds. There are days when it just feels good to play like that and end up with some gorgeous backgrounds.
    Wow, I hope your DH is on the mend now. That's scary. :)Bea

  3. Sharon,

    I love the backgrounds; they look like a lot of fun.

    Sorry to hear about the DH; I am sending lots of positive energy his way.


  4. Backgrounds are gorgeous! I'm glad DH is doing okay but how frightening!

  5. Wishing him a speedy recovery. After the worry of that, not surprised you felt the need to sling paint.

  6. Your paintings are beautiful. Sorry to hear about your husbands accident. I hope he is feeling better soon. I am glad he had help in retrieving the boat and in getting to the hospital.

  7. Glad to hear all is well with the other KT. I was nervous knowing that ER trips are not something he just does. Hope he doesn't need surgery, although I do know a good OT if he needs that :)

    Glad you got to fling paint this weekend. We put down brick - yeah.
    KT (aka Kris-10)

  8. Glad all is well. If the backgrounds are a hint of things to come...I'm excited! Looking forward to those things to come.

  9. Goodness, what a frightening experience your DH had. Hope he is on the mend and won't need surgery.

    Nothing like a little paint slinging when you feels stressed out is there?


  10. I hope DH recovers quickly from this accident...what a scary thing for both of you...but especially him...take care,

  11. So happy hubby is doing better! You've been busy since I left. Those backgrounds are just a luscious hint of things to be revealed in our Of Towers and Turrets class. I can't wait to show all!

  12. Nice backgrounds! They look like fun to do. I hope DH is doing better and that he won't need surgery.

  13. Well I had a thought after seeing and thinking for a day about your beautiful backgrounds, and wonder if I do that because of some niggleing sort of feelings about what happens in life and as I wait for solutions which are not quick combine everything into a painting. perhaps I do. It is not to worry about, I have the information and can do whatever I resort to be it therapy or proper work.

    I am glad you husbad is coming along, a dear friend of mine had the same thing happen to her knee in an ATV accident. Surgery helped but I must say from her experience that what helped the most and in the two years past it is the therapy you learn in the recovery that has kept her pain free.
    So don't let him stop the therapy that can be a little as 15 minutes a day. The muscles and tendons have to keep conditioned. I also know this from having two knee replacements.

    This is not a very artful post is it? thinking of you and knowing, it is exhausting, I have also been to ERs with hurt husband, falling flat on cement on a metal ladder.

  14. OK, Sharon...but you smoosh, stamp, wipe, fling, etc....better than anyone I have it turn out looking so FABULOUS!!!

  15. Slinging paint sure sounds like FUN!
    Hope hubby gets over his wounds all he wants to do is get out on his boat....the best to you both...pat

  16. Oh Sharon/Norah, you sling so well! That class you are planning really sounds interesting to me!


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