Thursday, September 16, 2010

You are pretty

Did you know I too am a student at Of Towers and Turrets online workshop?
It's true and I have to say I learn a new lesson with each pendant that I make.
Actually, now that I think of it, I feel the same way after each of my paintings.
What I'm saying is there is always one little something that I might do different or change.

The top three photos are my pendant shown laying on the original piece of art.
Did you notice how I made a new little collage in the pendant.
That is one of the things that excites me about this project.
I am very excited to tell you that I am about to offer collage sheets from the original Castle Towers paintings;
as well as, from the original Towers and Turrets paintings.

There are endless possibilities of designing little collage pieces for the pendents.
I have several ready to list but I might have to just get it done one at a time.
I keep waiting for a big enough block of time and that just isn't happening.  

One more thing.....where did this week go to?
I will be flying to Italy is 16 days.
OK, that was random to you but oh my how it is on my mind.
♥ Sharon
PS:  Glitter for the princess is another thing that excites me about this project.
PSS:  Do you remember that piece of an old ear ring that I shared in an earlier post? That's it between the bezels....another thing that excites me about this project.
PSSS:  Thank you to all my "followers" and "commenters"....You are Pretty!


  1. Collage sheets of your work would be great! Would you issue an angel policy on them for use in jewelry to be sold?

    Enjoy Italy and have a save trip!

  2. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

  3. Hi Sharon,
    Oh wow, these pieces are fabulously creative!

    Have a spledid time in Italy!
    Where in Italy are you going?

    I will return there one day....

  4. These are wonderful Sharon! And oh how excited you must be about your trip...have a glorious time. I hope your time slows a bit while you are there so you can enjoy it so much more!

  5. Sharon, I have not met you but I follow your blog and I love your artwork! The creativity and imagination that you and Deryn have created with the T&T workshop is amazing and the artwork being produced is breathtaking! I hope to sign up to take the workshop myself soon!

  6. These pendants look wonderful Sharon...what a great class. Love the bezels and the embellishments (great earrings by the way).

    Lucky, lucky you to be flying to Italy and especially as you will be doing art! Definately be on my mind too...what a great trip to look forward to.

    Take care and thanks for the lovely post.

    Jacky xox

  7. You are always stretching and doing something new with your art. Quite inspiring. I will be anxious to hear about your trip.


  8. I'm now wishing that I took your class. These pieces are really exciting.

    You are headed to my favorite place in the world. How I love Italy.

    Bon Journey!


  9. I can feel the excitement, and haven't your past weeks and even months been exciting. Hope that your DH is making good progress also.

    Your collage sheets are so pretty, it sort of reminds me of how I put the blog header together. Also these are faces and other beautiful things I haven't seen till now so that is great fun to look at them.

    Then your trip, and the fun, and even the time to appreciate the anticipation.

    The pendants made by your ad Dyren plus your class are so professional with creativity and beuty.

    I have made several attempts on pendants based just on what I see,
    I have plenty of paintings that have plenty of collage work as you know. I don't think you have to worry about the metal allergy with the copper, and if you coat the back with resin it protects your skin. You probably already know this. It is the alloy with nickle that is the biggest culpret. Also brass does not bother me.

    I did remember the ear ring and the straightening of it. At that point I didn't see how you could resist. So many aspects that make the metal work exciting.

  10. Wow these are so unique and gorgeous! I love making pendants, especially with prints of my work so this really appeals to me, do you do metal work?


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