Monday, September 20, 2010

Red Petticoat Bride

I was feeling my mojo last night and had to keep going. 
This is an 8 x 24 canvas which I always adore the final results.
However, the size is awkward to paint on, as well as, hard to photograph. 
I'm thinking I will paint her veil around to the other side before I give it the final seal and varnish. 
Showing the two side by side is for my benefit. 
Because the proportion is a little off, I wasn't feeling a hand. 
I could imagine her hands behind her with the way she is standing so proud.  
I had a most enjoyable day.
♥ Sharon
PS:  Manon Popjes played ART with me and the challenge.  Visit her to she how she "painted words"
PSS: Don't forget to let us know if you "painted words"


  1. WOW! Love what you've done. Is the dress all collaged, and have you used fabric or just papers?

  2. She is stunning, a person wonders why it happens that she looks like the sort of woman that would wear that. It is a dress of layers and done so that one knows how the layers fall.
    I think the best days are those like you described, except you were going easy on your foot, but did that stop you, the thoughts of that, you just painted and created.
    Isn't that a grand face? So different than I expected.

    You move on so fast, I get comments that I do that, but not quick as a wink like you do.

    I have a background drying and ready for some work, but then I have sort of got another thing in my head that won't leave. It is red petticoat thoughts tho.

    I will go visit Manon. I remember her from class.

  3. omg, she is so fabulous...i love the reds! and i really like that you put her hands behind her back, it gives such a special "feel" to the entire painting! love it!

  4. She is beautiful Sharon and red just happens to be one of my favorite colors so I love her all the more!

  5. She's gorgeous. So vibrant and yet incredibly serene. Beautiful work as always.

  6. She is stunning Sharon! I love the idea of a bride getting married in red, why not? Why does it always have to be white? LOL.

  7. Awesome Sharon, She is an absolutly stunning lady!!! I was having trouble with my bride's arm too. I wonder what that says about her thoughts and feelings towards her wedding....

  8. I posted the challenge on my blog a bit ago. I had much fun and the painting is much what I saw in the night sleeping.

    If this post turns out to be double and I could I lost the first one doing something odd.

    Thanks for inspiration and always so much fun.

  9. Hi Sharon,
    Your "Red Petticoat Bride" is sensational!!!!!!!!!
    Oooh, your studio looks like a great place to make art.
    Happy creating,

  10. Love the pearls on her head and her veil and of course her fabulous red dress!!

  11. Oh Sharon--she's beautiful!!

  12. this is rockin', sharon! stunning. the words i hear when i see her are "lady in red is dancing with me cheek to cheek..." do you know that song? i think it must have been written for this beauty!

  13. Wish I was there! Love the art!

  14. she is fabulous!!
    i love how i see a work of yours and know it's yours. beautiful things come from you!

  15. Sharon,

    Silly me when you said red petticoat I thought you were going to put on a white dress over it and let it show through the bottom as a tease. Just goes to show you how 2 artists could take the same idea and do something different. I love all the red in this piece. Also I had not thought of turning a canvas that way, you are giving me more ideas now.


  16. Hi Sharon - finally had a chance to visit and actually leave a comment letting you know I've been by! Absolutely LOVE the lady in red - she is gorgeous!! You are so incredibly talented! Loved catching up with all you've been up to! Have a wonderful week. Sandy

  17. fathergodandi.blogspot.comSeptember 21, 2010 6:25 PM

    enjoying what I am seeing, she looks wonderfully regal..really enjoy your work and love looking at it. Otherwise, a quiet admirer of your talent.

  18. She's fantastic, Sharon! So inspiring and I love the size...

  19. She is just gorgeous, Sharon! I love the red dress and the veil and the expression on her face. Heck, there isn't anything about it that I don't like! :)

  20. It is so beautiful. I love the red and it looks great!

  21. The Lady in her...especially the way you did the headpiece and veil. And the ruffles at the bottom on her skirt. She is marvelous.

  22. She is gorgeous!!! Love the veil especially!!! Great job!!!

  23. Her hands do appear to be behind her back at first glance! Stopping by for some much needed inspiration and working backwards through the post. I would have LOVED to attend the class in Italy (your photos are fantastic!)


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