Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Urge to say Hey

How are you?

I just had the urge to pop in.  Something about the connection I guess.

Also I want to know if little stacks of various papers and stuff follow you around.  I don't know what it is but I seem to attract them.  I even have little flat trays to collect them in. You know what it is.  Mail, receipts, recipes, napkins, collage scraps, collage papers, photos, tags, pieces of lace, cards, and anything else that floats by.  I spent a lot of the weekend going through piece by piece and stack by stack and I can say in one room, my studio, I have cleared the stacks.  Feels good and for the most part it is something I can do while in the chair zone.

After that, I did another favorite "chair zone" thing.  I stitched a little progress on Tim's quilt.


  1. A good Hey to you on this Nov. afternoon. WE have snow on the ground, the dog looks at me with hope, hope that I will be going to the garden soon, well I have a garden of lumps now, white ones.

    Painting a lot, one can plan a Thanksgiving dinner while painting.

    And yes I have several piles of bits and scraps around I need to get them down to the art room. As my husband reads the newspaper I always have this urge to grab it and rip something out. My floor in the art room is a mess from doing collage, Hermie, my cat will run and pounce into it and scatter it more. Cats love the sound of shredding paper.

    Hope your foot is doing a good recovery.

  2. Yes,,little bits of paper follow me around as well. I have them everywhere and My studio floor is a mess. In the heat of creating mixed media Christmas ornaments and too busy to stop to organize it all right now!!!

  3. I love to sit in my red chair and stitch too (nothing like the chair zone).

    Stacks of papers etc....tell me about it. I am becoming a collector/hoarder methinks!

    Jacky xox

  4. Always good to make connection with you. Organizing those little bits makes me happy somehow. Of course I don't organize them well enough to actually find anything when I want it.


  5. hey...back at you...yes, organisation how great it feels...when you finally do something you have been putting off, because art is so much more fun....Love your rennaisance girls...lovely...xx..julia

  6. Yep, I hear you. Right behind me is a box full of fabric swatches and below that, a box of magazine tearouts. I have a stash of paper in a drawer and extra photos piled up in another drawer. It does feel good to sweep out, throw out all the extra clutter that once upon a time seemed important to keep.

  7. Well, it is December and I came to see my friend Sharon. I hope you are well and creating wonderful peices. Big Hugs, Mary


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