Friday, December 03, 2010

Get my Etsy Sale Code

I have taken and unscheduled and unannounced blog break.  And you know when that happens, I have a hard time getting started again.  The fact is I have taken an ART break as well.  And what I know is if I had new ART to share, I would be right here sharing, showing and telling. 

I just didn't think you would be interested in the MRI on my foot that never happened. Actually 32 seconds happened and I!!! 
When he told me all I had to do was wave my hand, I know he didn't think I would do that.  Long story short, as soon as I could get off that table I grabbed my jewelry and bra and bolted the door as soon as he unlocked it. Felt traumatized the whole weekend.

That was 2 weeks ago.  So this week, I further traumatized myself with a colonoscopy. I know you don't need to hear about that. Other than it was routine over 50 (haha way over) screening. And I'm all good.  All I can tell you about that is I had the best nap Wednesday afternoon that I can ever remember having.

So enough of me and that.  I am slow to get it done but I have finally over the course of several weeks listed original art in my shop and have today added the special sale code.

For a 10 % discount when you buy anything in my shop you can use the special code INEEDTHIS.  During check out you will be ask for the code and the discount will be calculated at that time.  This code will be good until December 15th. 

Enjoy shopping.
♥ Sharon 


  1. So funny! From another way over 50 - I empathize with you! Glad you are back to painting. I love your art and your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Sharon, lovely to know you are well. I thought you must have been taking a can take a while to get back into the swing of things after an amazing trip like you have had.

    Good to know all is well after the colonoscopy...I'm over 50....eeekk do I need to have one of those too?

    Take care and look forward to seeing you back soon.

    Jacky xox

  3. I've missed so much blogging as laptop of an evening has become temperamental. So glad that you are moving forward from whatever break you felt you needed; for you were one of my first on-line gurus and have led me from discovery to discovery. Take care of yourself. (I'm 70-plus and still going strong) A.

  4. Welcome back! You were missed. I am amazed at all your beautiful artwork for sale on Etsy! Wish I could afford it. You've been a great teacher! Don't leave us again, ok?
    hugs, Chris

  5. I was wondering where you were. Laughed at your MRI story, I was running our the door right with you. Hope your ankle can be taken care of without it.

    Welcome back!



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