Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ice Day

I took an ice day yesterday.  Soooo fun to be at home on Wednesdays.  Unfortunately, the ice is over with and here I am back at the desk-in-town.  That's OK because I started my Valentines while at home yesterday and today I will add the finishing touches to them here at the desk.
and pop them in the mail
some will make it on time and some want
(love all these eyes)
And then I played with painting on muslin.
More about that soon.


  1. Don't know what ice day is, but sure can understand you've enjoyed at home :) Those unplanned free days are the best.
    Great prints, so happy to have one at home.
    And loooove your muslin painting, it's looking awesome.

  2. beautiful work...i am intrigued about the muslin since i've been wanting to do some dolls with my girls. tell, tell!!

  3. You picked a lovely print for your valentines! Lucky recipients!

  4. Those eyes really do look cool! Your painted woman has the complexion that everyone dreams about - dewy, luminescent, lovely... I hope you'll share soon how you painted her. xo

  5. You've really been having a winter this year! And now ice!

    Love the valentines, especially the pic with all the eyes. Very cool.

    The woman on muslin is gorgeous. She seems to be glowing. She must be in love....or pregnant!

  6. What a bonus, an ice day, an unexpected time for art!
    Those eyes are amazing Sharon, love that shape.
    The painting on muslin is beautiful, looking forward to seeing /hearing more about that.

    Jacky xox

  7. Your valentines are awesome, and the painting on muslin is very interesting, I can't wait to read more about that.

  8. Your Valentines are so fun, some people got something very special from you...Happy Valentines Day Sweet girl...Hugs, Mary

  9. Love the photo with all the Valentines. I had big plans but only completed a few. Will be waiting for the muslin tale.


  10. I don't want to wish you more bad weather - but those "ice days" look good on you. Your valentines are wonderful, you should have more stay-at-home days. I can't believe you work and get so much accomplished!

  11. Gorgeous that muslin painting!

  12. These are beautiful and there will be some lucky recipients of those Valentine's regardless of whether they make it on time or not! Thanks for sharing.

  13. I love the idea of painting on linen. I was thinking of painting on upholstery fabric too.

    Today I checked out some of your morning videos (they are wonderful) and came upon the Sealing Wax video. I loved it! I use encaustic wax to seal a lot of my pieces and you just showed me a much better way.

    Thanks so very, very much.

    Warm wishes for the weekend,
    Cheryl-Healing Woman

  14. Super gorgeous work..always lovely visiting your magical world! Beautiful!
    Have a sparkling wkd!

  15. Those are such lovely Valentine's!!! Everyone will be thrilled to get one, I'm sure!

    Happy Hearts Day to you!

  16. How nice to be a recipient of one of your Valentines! Lucky folks! I just didn't get around to the Valentines this year. I have to say that visiting your blog, Sharon, is always a perk. And your faces are wonderful...always unique in their own way.

  17. Sharon
    I LOVE your gorgeous painting on muslin. Now that you have everyone's attention LOL
    Are you doing a workshop based on that piece?

  18. Lucky recipients!!!! Love you painting on muslin...will keep watching for that. You enjoy yourself! pat

  19. Your work is evolving so beautifully, my friend.....and it's a delight to watch. Bella!!

    xox Rella


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