Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tree Castle E-Course

I'm wanting to share even though I might not be really ready to do that.  The fact is when I'm working my ever spare moment on a project, I miss the time blogging and sharing and showing and telling.

So, I'm going to show (as it is) and tell anyway because you see, I get to make up my own rules.  I can share with you here what I'm up to even though I haven't written the "official" class description.

You've no doubt figured out that I'm working on a new online E-course.  My delay has been the fact that I have new camera. Well it was new last August and I am just now becoming friends with it.  I mean really good friends.  In the above picture, can you imagine me straddling the tripod and painting?  Yep, you are going to be amazed at this view of my demonstration.

Don't you know it will be about face painting!   If you love painting faces, you will love discovering one more medium to paint with and one more substrate to paint on.

But this is more than a technique class.  It is all about function and beauty inspired by this apron and this apron .  I will guide you in making a beautiful functional apron that will inspire you ever time you put it on to do your arting and crafting.

Until I get an "official" class description written, i can tell you my Tree Castle Apron class is a mixed media class including painting faces, fabric collage, sewing, and even journaling.

I think you are going to love it!
♥ Sharon


  1. Wow....sounds like fun!

    I'm not much good with cameras so I'm sure your new one would have me in tears. I'm a "point and shoot" kinda gal. It looks as if you're mastering it though.

  2. Sounds realy great. Can't wait to read more.
    Enjoy creating.

  3. Sounds wonderful, looking forward to hearing more about it!

  4. oh wonderful. I look forward to taking a class with you someday.

  5. Ooooooh, I can't wait to hear more about it. So far it looks interesting!

  6. Sharon, the aprons are amazing!!!
    When will the class begin? Give us a tentative start date.

  7. Hi, Just coming by to see how you are and what your doing, honestly where does the time go? I always ocme by you know that, I don't always have much to say, I always enjoy what your doing and get some good feelings of inspiration from your photos and words.

    I hope your having an artful Weekend and a warmish one. we are to have a snow storm starting over night tonight.

  8. What a creative jump-start to an art apron's beginnings!


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