Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Morning ART

For today's MorningART, I made these bezels.  Now that I know how to actually make a piece of jewelry, I am excited to make more Of Towers & Turrets. (session 2 starts Friday)  I haven't poured the resin yet but the image that I used is from this collage sheet.

The current MorningART videos continue and 7th in the series was posted today.
♥ Sharon

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  1. It is such an afaternoon lift to come and see the videos, life has been busy for me lately, but then to have some art in the day with you is the best possible.

    Very interesting to see how the approach has changed since a couple years ago, it can't be helped can it? I do it also and feel thankful for the growth in myself.

    The videos should be watched more than once it is entertaining the first time and then it is time to really pay attention, Sounds like I can't pay attention and enjoy at the same time, this may be true.

    Thank You


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