Saturday, April 02, 2011

Student Showcase

Just in case you were thinking that my Tree Castle Apron class is just about making an apron,  Think Again!

I simply had to share this student's first piece with you this morning because I'm blown away.

Here is what she said when she posted this in the class Gallery:
Hi Sharon , I was stuck in my studio today keeping my dogs out of trouble with the telephone man! He was here for several hours???  Darn the bad luck I just had to play art with you!  LOL This is somewhere between # two and # three face videos when I lost internet and just went on playing by myself and the dogs! 
Stephani first signed up for "Faces in Technicolor" at the end of last September. Then in October she signed up for "Faces: All Norah'S".  She had never painted faces before.

This painting is a technique that I demonstrate using Inktense watercolor pencils on muslin.  It's not all about making a beautiful apron.  The class includes nearly 2 hours of face painting instruction.

I'm just one proud teacher this morning.  As soon as I do my morning walk, I will continue with more MorningART videos.


  1. Amy this is just wonderful, what I love most about painting faces is the fine line between reality and not so real, (the right word does not ocme to me) You have captured that feeling and it is as much a feeling as it is a look. This is just my opinion. Just a beauty in every way.

  2. This is soooo beautiful. She looks so innocent. I wonder what has caught her attention. Maybe some young handsome beau.

  3. Dear Stephanie, sorry to have your name worng in previous post from me. I came back to look at your work again and saw the error.


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