Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Progress and Big is In

I have made some progress,  
not done yet but progress.
But first,
I have another letter to write.

Dear snake in my garden, 
Thank you for showing up yesterday. 
Your color and the pattern you carried on your back was beautiful and I held the vision of that close to my heart all day long. Thank you for giving me a little fright as you snaked across my trail and off into the beautiful green native grasses. It is so good that you were there to keep me on my toes, so to speak.  I wonder, did I scare you? Or maybe you were totally unaware of me.  I didn't see you this morning.  Did you see me?  I know my path is large enough for the both of us. So..... 

I'll be watching for you,

So, Have you gone BIG yet.  Everybody is doing it.  Michaels had a sale on canvases and I'm going BIG too.   I bought a small stock of BIG.  But look at that crazy zebra-ish pattern that my blinds reflected onto the cello wrapping.  That's just plain inspirational to me. How about you? 


  1. Your work is amazing! The zebra pattern is really cool, I guess inspiration comes from unusual places! Happy Painting...just might GO BIG..thanks for sharing and inspiring once again!

  2. Pure beauty in progress! Wow, snake too!

  3. Hi Sharon; I love this big piece. I have to take a look at those canvases. I am inspired also by that pattern reflecting on the wrapping also.
    It's good to appreciate everything in life isn't it, even slimey snakes! LOL

  4. Of course I LOVE this!!!! So "Klimtish". My sister tells me theres an exhibition coming to Melbourne which has a couple of Klimt super exciting for me, I will be there with bells on taking in every detail!

    He hee....BIG, I like it!

    Enjoyed your letter to Mr. Snake.

    Jacky xox

  5. Love!!! I gotta go Big Too, but hold the snake pls;)

  6. Sharon:
    Love your little story.. you sound so much like myself! lol
    Great Canvas's.. Looks like that zebra is part of a lady's torso?
    That is super cool!
    Thanks for sharing.
    ♥ Darlene


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