Thursday, May 26, 2011

Good Morning Hey Hello My Friend,
I thought you were daring me yesterday and so I went ahead and told about the snake.  It was  all true and I can't seem to stop thinking about it.  Today I just wanted to show the salad spinner.  I think I have a new routine of harvesting the lettuce each morning after I have been Walking In Beauty.  

You know that is what the snake was all about.  Don't you? "With beauty before me I walk.....With beauty around me I walk."  For me, my path is so spiritual and I'm realizing that is the tug that takes me out there each morning.  It is good.

Last night while watching A Idol, I sat with my huge Klimt book.  You know the one.  Guess what?  Remember I told you  that I needed to do what ever it is I do when the flood of inspiration hits me.  Well sitting with this book drinking it in is one of those things I do.  It is just like when I'm in the "zone" with a painting or doing something else creative.  It's like there is a part of my brain that continues to swirl in a magic state of something and has lots of cracks that lets little things drip in and then commingle with other things and then I feel it in the pit of my stomach and my heart and soul. I am going to take your advise and write down these floods of inspiration because as strong as the inspiration is, I lose the passion and forget the inspiration if I'm unable to act on it immediately.

I hope to show you my painting soon. I am slowly making progress.  The whole reason I was looking at the Klimt book was to study the closed eye.  Many of Klimt's ladies were painted with closed eyes.  I haven't done much of that and I especially was looking for one in profile.  But as I said, I was drinking it in and I never got to that page.
More later,


  1. What a crisp looking lettuce! It just needs a fresh lemon from my tree and some Greek olive oil and yum - a perfect thing. You are definitely walking in beauty! I haven't felt that kind of inspiration you are talking about in a long while. And yes, definitely grab it when it happens... write it down and try to get back in that state as soon as possible (like - tomorrow, because it's Saturday and you can). xo

  2. My hubby and I have a wonderful lettuce garden that we love! Isn't home-made lettuce the best?


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