Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Behind Curtain # 1

 Old bedroom curtains that I made about 25 years ago.
Still loved them. 
 I'm feeling such a need for ♦ Change ♦ Simplicity ♦ Lightness ♦ and ♦ Darkness
As you can see the old curtains didn't close.
No need.
I'm in the country.
Now, I'm ready to be able to drop the curtains to close.
One thing leads to another.
I had to recover the window seat pad.
The next thing on the bedroom make-over list is to repaint the bedroom furniture.
That my friends is going to be a big big huge gigantic rip roaring task!
I'm up for it though.

We have a winner on the Celebration giveaway.
Comments have been closed on that post.
If you got my newsletter this morning, you got a little clue who. 

I will give that news in another blog post. 

But not before I say Thank You all from the bottom of my heart for signing up for the newsletter and also for dropping your name in the hat for the giveaway. 

I ♥ you all


  1. Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! I love the tie-backs! And how they are same, but different in the seat. And the painting!!! What a spot... to sit and dream and enjoy. Love it!!!!

  2. looking soft and light! As for painting the furniture...look in to Annie Sloan's chalk paint. NO sanding or priming needed...it will even go over glossy stained pieces. It's pricey but oh so worth it...then you wax it and voila! Google it and you can find "stockists" in various areas that sell on line. I bought mine from a gal in NJ. All this IF you don't want a glossy surface.
    Love the window seat!


  3. Love the light & airy look you created. I've been thinking I need to do something in my bedroom & you are inspiring me to go ahead.
    Your newsletter looks great.
    Your wonderful creativity & enthusiasm will carry you through. xo

  4. Well I missed the giveaway, my fault, and then we were gone. I try to do it all and enjoy every bit tht comes my way and sometimes I miss.
    Wonderful curtains, and such a lift for the spirit to do something like that just because and I think it is needed as much as if the others were thread bare,as it give us that feeling of a new space with new art. The feeling is tremendous.

    It is a wonderful summer day here really perfect, we only get about 2 nice days a month this year it is so odd.. I out to pick Strawberries now, also one can plan art work while in the berry patch.

    I did sign up for newsletter that will be fun to get. News From Nora how fun.

  5. They turned out wonderfully! So fresh and crisp now! Lovely :D

  6. The room looks so airy with the new curtains. I agree with Zorana that you have the painting in a perfect spot.

    I signed up for the newsletter (I thought) but didn't receive it this morning. I'll sign up again.


  7. I did like the red but the new look is great too, maybe a summer and winter swap around. Looking forward to receiving your newsletter too.

  8. Wow, those curtains are fabulous! It certainly brightens up the room, however, I loved the other ones too!
    Hugs and blessings

  9. Scattered LeavesJuly 02, 2011 10:17 AM

    I love the new colors and the painting just there is perfect. What a glorius spot to sit and dream, your view looks wonderful.

  10. I love that blue and green fabric on the window seat! You are welcome to make curtains for me ANYTIME! ;)

  11. Looks gorgeous Sharon. Aren't you just so handy!



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