Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Random Winners

 The big big huge gigantic rip roaring task has begun.
Stay tuned for  the-rest-of-the-story.
Another Day.
Pay no attention to the picture.  It has nothing to do with announcing the WINNERS of my CELEBRATION.

I did the Random Number Generator thing and you know that I don't know how to put the evidence on my blog.  Furthermore, I didn't want to learn.

But first of all, let me tell you that I am exploding with all the goodness that you left me in comments.  You give me joy.  You give me confidence, You give me smiles, You give me happiness and so much more.

Second, I am sorry that I kept you hanging on the Winner Announcement.

So here is what I did.  I went to and punched in the Min # 1 and the Max # 116 and that little box generated the # 14.  That was fun so I did it again...Min #1 and Max # 116 and hoop-tee-do, it generated the # 68.  Whoa! this is so fun so I did it again...Min #1 and Max # 116 and hallelujah, # 21 came up.  About this time I had the crazy thought that if I generated a number, that meant that I would want to give a prize to every number generated.  I just wouldn't be fair not to.  I really started to keep going ........but I thought I best not.

# 14  will get the big Found In My Tree Print.
Gill M said...
Oh Glorious, I would love the chance to win her! She would make any room a delight to be in.
#68 will get a different print

Lizzie said...

I am so happy Sharon, to have the opportunity to own artwork created by your hands; especially a creation so wonderful. I have only begun my journey with you and your blessings of wonderful talents.

I signed up for your Technicolor Faces class and then I had to go out of state a while to help my daughter with her art studio/shop in Florida. I am back home and ordering all of my paint supplies online tonight. I have watched your videos so many times that I may not have to watch them to paint the faces :) I actually already feel like I painted them :) I'm excited to take more of your classes.

Please continue to use your God-given talents so we can all benefit. I love you for it.
#21 will get a different print

Sunny Carvalho said...

No, pick me (holding Carol's hand down)!!! LOL Seriously, I totally love that painting.


  1. congratulations lucky ladies!! her work is so beautiful. enjoy!

  2. Congrats everyone,your all very lucky.

  3. The winners have to be doing the winner dance for sure.

    I must of made the sisters angry talking about their age and now they have left. If you see them tell them I am sorry and if I see them I will do the same. I did tell them once but was ignored.

    I am also amused because I posted things today and felt like talking about something else, and then I see you say ignore your photo. I couldn't ignore it the can says chair paint. there is no such speciality is there?

    We get to have temps of 100 tomorrow, last week I had a wintery jacket on picking berries.

  4. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Your gigantic rip-roaring task looks interesting. I'll be back to see what you do with it.

  5. Congrats to all the LUCKY winners.

    Woo Hoo won =D

  6. Yahoo!! I can't believe I won! I'm SO excited!! Where do I send my address?

  7. Oh Another Thing....ouar family is famous for say thing BTW. Yor new header, do you know why I love the hand so much? Becaue it really looks like it has toiled in the garden.

  8. Lucky winners! I did sign up for your news letter after the give away, sad but I still have the news letter to look forward to so happy! It's been awhile so I missed lots. I'm going to have to spend some time reading back posts to glean inspiration. Love your recent posts and pics of your work. It really has become quite elegant.

  9. Lucky winners! You are so generous, Sharon! Nice work!

  10. Big congrats to all the lucky winners. The random photo made me laugh - thanks :-)

  11. Woohoo I spy a familiar can of that Paris Gray? Monitors make it hard to tell. ARe you liking it???
    Congrats to your lucky winners!!

  12. Hope you had a glorious birthday, Sharon!

  13. Oh, I am SO excited to have won! It is the first time I have ever won anything online. Thank you so much for chasing me up Sharon, I have been offline for a week, recovering from an infection, so what a lovely surprise to find on my return.

    I will email you with my contact details.


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